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Pretty Poison

I only heard about Pretty Poison (1968) from the NYTimes obituary for the director, Noel Black.  He spoke of it after it flopped and was pulled from the theatres, saying: 408 more words

Sandow (1894)

This early Edison kinetoscope was part of the first commercial exhibition of motion pictures, and represents the efforts of the studio to appeal to audiences, along with… 191 more words


Sioux Ghost Dance (1894)

This brief Kinetescope movie was almost certainly shot on the same day as “Annie Oakley,” when Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show came to… 214 more words


One Hour Photo Review

One Hour Photo is a beautifully and cleverly crafted psychological thriller from director Mark Romanek. The film stars Robin Williams as Sy, a lonely man who works at a one hour photo shop allowing him access to the lives of his customers through their photographs. 877 more words

Asian Cinema

Fred Ott's Sneeze (1894)

This early Kinetoscope experiment takes us back to a time when motion pictures were imagined to be just that – still pictures with a bit of movement added – and can be seen as an example of what Edison’s team imagined a portrait might be like in the future. 199 more words

American Cinema

Troublesome Secretaries (1911)

This is another example of John Bunny’s “situational” style of silent comedy, as opposed to the more familiar “slapstick” comedy of later years. 231 more words


Rebel Without a Cause.

James Dean only made 3 films before his death at age 24. East of Eden came out in early 1955, half a year before its star died in a car crash. 433 more words