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Video: The Power and Potential of Parks

Public spaces have the power to shape how we feel about our community. Amalie Wright is passionate about rethinking the way that we use parks and understanding that using them well can be transformative. 10 more words

Social Justice

The Long Walk by C. Rich Jr

Charles Rich Jr. was born in North Carolina and raised in Jersey City New Jersey, where he currently resides. He’s had a spotty college career. He was last seen at New Jersey City University as a Creative Writing and Fine Arts major. He’s a Truck Driver.


Why Modern American Racism Will Exist for Another Few Hundred Years by M. Pitter

The murder of Michael Brown and the police intimidation and brutality that followed has pulled today’s mainstream discourse back into ascertaining how this country’s race problems could be resolved. 935 more words


No Safe Place: How Cities Are Making It Illegal to be Homeless

Tonight, thousands of homeless people in the United States will face the possibility of arrest because they do not have a safe place to sleep. Thousands more could be arraigned for sitting or standing in the wrong place. 394 more words

Social Justice

Orlando Makes Top 10 Best Cities For Pet Lovers

Orlando seems to be a fairly consistent entry into various Top 10 lists…from positive ones like “best place for a staycation” or “ 291 more words


Lets Be Cops

…lets also be crime scene investigators and criminal profilers. If Shaq and Steven Seagal did it, why not an unemployed macaroni gluer from Southern California? After watching the 2000th episode of the TV show “Forensic Files” (yeh, yeh 78% of the episodes were repeats), I’ve come to gather some of my own arm chair statistics in the same tradition as professional criminal profilers. 404 more words

A genealogy: #Holly Whyte, #Jane Jacobs and #Jane's WalkCHICAGO

Crawling into the dog days of August, there was a terrific blog post on the website of The Project for Public Spaces this week (and also on Twitter), summarizing the career of… 217 more words

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