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US Citizenship Through Marriage

Available careers inside your militaryJoining your united States Army as a soldier defending your countryJoining your U. Precisely what truly surprised me has been your woman taught she only were necessary to realize 20 questions. 700 more words

Are you A Good Candidate For American Citizenship?

Employers performing business within your united States territory tend to be necessary to uphold the employment rights of applicants as well as employees. Possibility in the US citizen losing the particular status simply because of your marriage fraud or perhaps every other purpose also happens. 866 more words

Are you A Good Candidate For American Citizenship?

US citizens are not the only real ones who need to file tax returns. one amongst individuals conditions may be the very fact that simply regarding most applicants need to adopt an English language along with a civics test. 761 more words

DAILY OBSERVATON: Obama's Immigration Move is Style Over Substance - and Unconstitutional

There is no secret why President Obama acted now.  He had reneged on addressing immigration at least two times in the past.  He was locked in by both his unfulfilled longtime and pre-election promises.  306 more words


As of 2 pm this afternoon, I am officially a black American citizen

To show for it, I have in my possession:

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