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ISIS Calls For Local Homeboys To Slaughter Military While Senate Democrats Allow Terrorist To Keep Citizenship

ISIS is calling for radicalized “lone wolves” in the United States to go to the homes of U.S. soldiers and “slaughter” military personnel. This is part of what is expected to be “a continued call” for…

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Poverty, Shopping, and American Inequality

Americans love to shop. More than a mere mundane exercise in the exchange of script for goods and services, shopping in the U.S. has long been a kind of secular ritual. 1,454 more words

On applying for U.S. citizenship

Man, you have been a citizen in this world city, what does it matter whether for five years or fifty? – Marcus Aurelius

The act of dropping a large envelope into the mail is not usually either thrilling or scary, but the irrevocable nature of a completed “Application for Naturalization” disappearing into the bowels of the post office today was a little of both. ¬†

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American Citizenship