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Abraham Lincoln’s “Blind Memorandum”

On its 150th anniversary, the “blind memorandum” reminds us that historical outcomes we may take for granted in hindsight (like Lincoln’s re-election in 1864) do not always appear so certain at the time.

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August 21, 1864: Grant weighs in on the Charleston prisoner issue - "no exchanges"

On August 21, 1864 in his headquarters at City Point, Virginia, Lieutenant-General Ulysses S. Grant performed the normal task of a commanding general in charge of an army at war – reading through messages and dispatches from the various subordinate commands.  198 more words

American Civil War

Rules for a French Intervention for the Volley & Bayonet A House Divided Campaign

Bill asked in a comment about the possibility of a British intervention in the American Civil War. Most of the research on that topic by professional historians has shown that had almost no possibility of happening given the high levels of anti-slavery sentiment in the British public of the 1860s. 177 more words

Volley And Bayonet

"Last night at 9 o'clock I burnt Legareville": Confederates torch a town in South Carolina

Yes, that’s right… the Confederates burned one of their own towns on August 20, 1864.  Major John Jenkins, 3rd South Carolina Cavalry reported the following day: 412 more words

American Civil War