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politics is about sociopaths in power

Forget about politics in terms of stated creeds. It’s really about pathology.
Ranged from, on the left, we have world views arising from those who care about others, to those, on the right, who don’t. 530 more words


The Lost War

My thesis for this post is simple: America has lost the war against terrorism. In fact, America lost the war on September 11, 2001. One of the goals of a terrorist attack is to disrupt the way of life of the nation they target. 428 more words

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Rand Paul CPAC 2014 Speech (FULL) - Let Us All Stand Together in Liberty!

Rand Paul, the proclaimed “Leader of the Pack” (Matt Drudge – Drudge Report) in the GOP Race for 2016 prospective Presidential candidates, delights the audience at CPAC 2014 with a rousing speech.

Spying on Muslims is legal?

Read detailed story……Spying on Muslims is legal? – CNN.com.

Discrimination in Justice is injustice and a crime itself.

Most of the Americans believe in supremacy of the constitution for individual’s rights.   193 more words