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What do you remember from your 9th Grade English Class?

I remember a shriveled up, sixty eight year old, red-wigged old maid in her last year of teaching who taught Shakespeare to a class of 36 14 year olds, mostly boys who had been routy and/or poorly managed in 7th and 8th grades in elementary school.   380 more words

American Culture

Testimony by a Tedd Petruna Regarding Islamist Behavior on a Flight

The following ‘testimony’ was sent to me by friend, neighbor, and fellow conservative, Arlene Taber.    I have a strong feeling that the incident, indeed, did occur: 1,110 more words

American Culture

Obama Prefers Fundraising to Solving Problems

This Obama in the White House is not a guy’s guy.   Real guys are born with a drive to solve problems in life.   It decorates the soul of who they are as animals by Nature and Nature’s God.     264 more words

Barack Obama

Just Give Me a Reason (to Wake Up)

I’ve lost my purpose for waking up in the morning. I used to have one. I was going to change the world by saving America’s education system. 547 more words

Prager University: The War on Work

No American institution  has more profoundly and deviously abandoned education based on teaching  Truth as Truth can be most honorably and accurately  discovered, than the nation’s social science universities with  its armies of  reporters from coast to coast.     140 more words


Exception (or a mommy blog on Agamben)

My daughter doesn’t like the stroller much at all, and she really doesn’t like being strapped in the stroller. We push the backrest as far forward as we can, but she prefers sitting straight up, even leaning forward on her knees, maybe holding out a doll or stuffed animal friend to take in the sights with her. 1,135 more words

American Myths, Legends and Tall-Tales

This summer the Memorial Library is teaming up with the Children’s Library for the Summer Reading Challenge and we will be dazzling you with some A-Mazing book displays and events. 636 more words