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Black Racism at the New York Times......Where did Charles Blow Come From?

If today’s universities in America were interested in truth, in analyzing what has happened to the American dream, how a political racist could have been elevated to the American presidency, not once or twice, truth searchers would have to agree that American culture is in trouble. 509 more words

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America's Decay Into a Violent, Cruel Place


It seems police can get away with anything: choking men who have surrendered; shooting unarmed teens; knocking pregnant women to the ground. While the issues involving race, civil rights and the relationship between law enforcement and communities are essential for examination and correction, few are talking about how all of this fits into the larger pattern of America’s cultural decline and decay. 1,651 more words

Michael Brown

A Little Something Sweet for Christmas

Christmas time in the US is often synonymous with cookie* time! A Christmas Cookie Exchange is a great way to share your favourites, try new kinds of cookies and end up with enough to provide treats for all friends and family that stop by during the holidays. 299 more words

Obama-Holder-Sharpton BLACK RACISM POLITICS Claims First CopHate Assassinations

Two New York City police officers were executed by a black man in Brooklyn this past afternoon.

“New York (CNN) — Officer Rafael Ramos sat in the driver’s seat. 647 more words


Little Drummer Boy by Ringo Starr

Tonight I am thinking about a friend who is dying. As we sang to him today, his wife told the members of my church that his favorite Christmas song was… 73 more words


COMMENTARY: The Self-Parody of the Contemporary Artist Statement

image by bill watterson

Artist’s Statements of the Old Masters

This article is good for a laugh for anyone who has spent time in university art classes or establishmentarian networked galleries. 423 more words

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YouTube Video, Christmas, and Charlie Brown

Dinner Topics for Monday

This comment was found at the site of this endearing Charlie Brown video:

My wife teaches in a public elementary school and she told me it was amazing how many of the kids don’t even know the original Christmas story.

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