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Parenting: Teaching Responsibility, not Blame

Dinner Topics for Thursday

October Parenting Value Part 1

From Richard and Linda Eyre

Self-Reliance and Potential: General Methods

1. Praise. Reinforce your children’s self-image and individuality and build their confidence — that is required for self-reliance. 704 more words

Dinner Topics

America’s 10 Cities That May Have a Drinking Problem

Men’s Health magazine took data from a Centers for Disease Control study on alcohol use to rank U.S. cities by their “drunkenness.” Using an unscientific method, the magazine gave cities rankings based on liver disease, DUI arrests, etc. 21 more words

Tidal Wave Time To Save Uncle Sam....... Trey Gowdy for President in 2016

Have we had enough of the racism, sexism, anti-Americanism of today’s Barack Hussein Obama’s America? ……the change the neoMarxists in the press, at university, and in Big Business told us we were waiting for? 338 more words

National Politics

Truth Continues to Play No Role in ObamaTime Politics

Fellow conservative Minnesotan, Mark Waldeland, sent the following letter from the St. Paul Pioneer Press reviewing American leader Barack Obama’s influence upon shaping local Democrat Party dishonesty : 140 more words


Saffron and Sea.

I’ve never been to Spain, but I have fond memories about the food and the people from that country. My father was of Basque descent. I remember how my parents would always have Spanish guest at our house and an old guy named Juan would cook a big paella and everyone would feast on this delicious dish made with rice, different types of shell fish, sausage, chicken and pork. 126 more words

American Culture

Humbly Human and Incredibly Timely: The Help

Christopher W.| 9/30/14

This one particular post strikes a certain chord with me. Maybe it’s because of the amazing grace and most virtuous character the black maids featured in this film showed (though doubtless it pales in comparison to their historic counter parts), or the fact that my great-grandmother’s worked in this occupation. 508 more words

American Culture

Lefty Unisex and Its New America Invade the Football Stadium

Marxist Unisexism is the newest variety of leftism infecting our once liberty-oriented America.

The human animal must be made equal in fact and mind, our Leftist Mother Superiors tell us. 927 more words