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Making the Most of Our Time

The best single sentence of advice I’ve heard about getting better at something is to spend time with it every day. However, you can make that time more effective by staying focused on the activity at hand. 439 more words


Christian girls in Iraq and Syria

This should really be on my other blog but I’m having problems posting there from my phone. This is a short article about an interview done with orthodox Christian nuns regarding the torture of Christian girls in Iraq and Syria. 48 more words

Current Events

Despite Feminist Hysterics, NFL Has Lower Rate of Domestic Violence Than the General Population

NFL Has Lower Rate of Domestic Violence than the General Population

by Russ Pomeroy at Newton Blog found at realclearscience.com

“This year, three National Football League players — Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, and Greg Hardy — have either admitted to or been convicted of domestic violence. 125 more words


Only Three?


If someone was to ask me to pick my three favorite songs of all time it would probably be one of the most difficult and painful decisions I would ever have to make. 764 more words

American Culture

And Now For The Airing Of Grievances...Americans Love Bacon, Got That, Islam?

Who could be offended by this?

I realize it is not Festivus just yet, but some things just need to be said.

In the past few months, we Americans – specifically American Christians – have been treated to one grievance airing after another of minorities – mostly muslims – or people claiming a special privilege being offended over one thing or another.   1,170 more words


In Praise of Teachers

I recently resumed private coaching, and it occurred to me that it is as well, I give a shout out to teachers!

The not-so-highly sang heroes! 2,033 more words

Why the Obamaling War against American Football.......Too Masculine for Feminists to Play?

…..or are Obamalings attacking the ‘American’ heritage of American football?

…..or are Obamalings attacking American football because the sport is too masculine for the human female to play? 319 more words