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Come say hi at Sacramento International Hostel (H.I.)

Do it, I dare you to, cause either a short, stout man by the name of Casey will make you uncomfortable with kindness, or I will with my combination of sarcasm or pleasantries depending what time of day it is (early-risers beware). 678 more words


Queen Hillary Butches Up Her Yelling at Bibi Netanyahu, bragging a very good relationship with the Israeli PM.

Hillary certainly is in second place in her race with Barack Hussein Obama for the American Cup  blabbing-time championship points.  Being feminist, however, allows her to be more vacuous and less clever,  features highly valued   in today’s Democrat Party’s  lefty arena of  politics.   323 more words

National Politics


  I was riding home from church with my dad on Sunday afternoon, just after Erin and I had two hours sharing about our year in France with the congregation of Burlington First Church of the Nazarene (the church where I grew up) when I made the startled comment to my dad, “that house has a French flag flying from the front porch.” The house was off the highway and part of the flag was covered, but I could clearly see the blue, white and red of the French tri-couleur.  1,526 more words

John Kerry's Israel Games Proof Not All Con-Artists Choose to be Black

John F. Kerry, present  U.S. Secretary of State, possesses skills of cunning and deception to have built his station in life.   Beyond mouth he has few “gifts”, rather  habits:   cunning and deceit…..review his past, especially during his Vietnam policies once Richard Nixon became president in January, 1969 and his rise to notoriety.   1,177 more words


Not To Worry. McDonalds is Not Getting All Touchy Feely

McDonalds announce today that they will be resourcing their Asian-processed chicken products, switching from China’s Shanghai Husi Foods, which was found last week to be shipping out unsafe meat, to a Thai company called McKey Foods. 262 more words


Recommended Reading: July 19-25

Below are this week’s recommended blog posts from across the internet. If you think there’s a blog I need to be reading, please let me know in the comments section. 175 more words