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Bachelor Food: grilled cheese and tomato soup

This is a combination that I distinctly remember “inventing” when I was a kid and I was disappointed to learn years later that many, many people had grown up having grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup served to them by their mothers. 196 more words


Krauthammer Applauds Court's Decision to End Racist Established Quotas

Affirmative Action is racist action in Itself. The Nation must be made free of such racist laws…..Thank you, at last, the Supreme Court of the United States! 73 more words


It's the end of the semester...

And the only things I’ve been writing are conference papers. I might post them here if there will be an actual interest, but seeing as people followed me for my fiction, I don’t know how interested you all are in reading an analysis of… 81 more words

Teens Executed While Invading a Guy's Sanctuary, His Own Home

Crime in Minnesota is not as it is in other states. Our Swedes, Norskies, and Germans have been hard working sorts for generations….hard working sorts from the farmlands, no less. 939 more words

American Culture

"T" Time, the Great Cosmic Punch Line

There’s no denying it. Life plays funny tricks.
Funny peculiar, and funny, ha-ha.
Only the longer you hang around,
The less ha-ha they get.

How can it be that today blends so into yesterday, 332 more words


The Human Female is NOT the Equal of the Human Male!!!

It is not only a lie that these Sexist-Leftists make when campaigning that all sexes are equal and therefore should receive equal pay in the work place, it is suicidal. 500 more words

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Craig Rucker on Real Energy, not Green Energy

Craig Rucker of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow keeps us aware of the vast leftwing Energy Conspiracy called Global Warming – Climate Change.

He writes the following: 177 more words