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The Obama Left in Court, Schools, and Government are Making Marxist-Feminism America's State Religion

In my life time, the first 40 years of it until our American 1960’s Revolution of the Vile and Vulgar, the three great religious centers, Catholicism, Protestantism, and the Eastern Orthodox were alive and well, reminding our nation’s civilized flock of the classical purpose of human life and its brevity. 1,015 more words


Memories Of Medicine Bow

(Nothing political here; nothing religious.  Just brief moments from life.)

In the Spring of 1967 I turned 22 years old. I was tired of college, so I quit my classes and volunteered for the draft. 2,263 more words

American Culture

Are Republicans afraid of Being Republican? Why in Congress Are They Aborting Abortion Control?


by Mollie Hemingway at the Federalist:

This level of incompetence and cowardice should alarm us all. 174 more words


Challenge the Stereotypes

Dear America,

Our culture survives on stereotypes. Girls wear skirts and dresses and makeup.  Boys sag their pants and have short hair.  Pretty girls are stupid.   138 more words


I was asked a funny question today…

My work phone, the iPhone 6+, has a neat feature where the home button is used as a fingerprint reader. I have a 4-digit passcode on my phone, but I let it learn my two thumbprints and now that gets me into the phone. 390 more words

American Culture

Tweedle Dum Interviews Tweedle Dee about Gay Marriage, Economy, and Everybody....."Tra la, Tra la"!

President Barack Hussein Obama, PRINCE OF DECEIT sweet talks his gullibles. Please take time to follow the president’s arful flow of verbal waste! If you don’t know who tribal Glo-lo is, put up with the Fox video first, and the sillies there reviewing this as news: \http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2015/01/23/kurtz_obamas_white_house_youtube_interviews_were_beneath_the_dignity_of_the_office.html… 116 more words


All Freedom Comes From God; Governments Take It Away!

All freedom comes from God. The truest most perfect freedom existed only in the Garden of Eden. Ever since, the pride of mankind has caused power and authority to concentrate with time, resulting in the progressive loss of freedom. 531 more words

American Culture