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Ron MacFarlane joins American Dad at Comic Con

For some mysterious reason the 2014 American Dad Comic Con panel had Daddy MacFarlane. That’s right. Seth’s father, Ron MacFarlane, joined the panel. Will he be joining the show? Stay tuned!

Seth MacFarlane


“I don’t understand evolution and I have to protect my kids from understanding it. We will not give in to the thinkers!”

A “smiling angry” woman addressing an anti-evolution protest at the Wozniak Nerd Academy, …

89 more words
Journalism Practice


Sir Patrick Stewart


Captain Jean Luc-Picard (Star Trek Next Generation)


Charles Xavier (X-Men, X-Men 2, X-Men Last Stand, The Wolverine (You have to watch past the credits for his part) and X-Men Days of Future past) 281 more words


I love Roger Smith

Roger: Pardon me, Sir. I’m what you might call an advanced drinker, and I’ve been having a Dickens of a time concocting an eggnog that provides the certain… heady tingle that I require. 6 more words


Ruffell Reviews - Ted

I doubt there are much people out there who would sit through a film for 1 hour and 30 minutes about a teddy bear, am I right? 1,220 more words

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Today on the tray: Pecan sandies

June 23 is National Pecan Sandy Day.

According to Mahalo.com, “Pecan sandies are a type of cookie made from flour, brown sugar, butter, pecans, and sometimes additional ingredients…The origin of pecan sandies is thought to be the sweet treats found in medieval Arab cuisine…The name ‘sandies’ is thought to come from the sand-like color of the finished product.” 88 more words

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What's your Fave song on American Dad?

Hey Hey Hey, Ya’ll! Today’s blog is all about the songs from my fave show. If you know any of them you addicted to it (myself, included) stuck inside your brain if you know the lyrics! 53 more words