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We're On Our Way!

The anti-state Grey Tribe is the emerging third force in U.S. politics. Pan-Secessionism/anarcho-populism is our strategy. Pan-anarchism is the militant vanguard.


Poll: Nearly one in four in America would favor secession

Grey Tribe becomes a de facto political majority + Support for secession becomes a de facto majority=We Win!!

This is the most up to date data on secessionist sympathy I can find, and it looks like secessionist sympathy is up by a few percentage point. 391 more words

Culture Wars/Current Controversies

Bad Boys Make Bad Men

At PJ Media, I ponder the idiotic human attraction to “bad boys” and their rebellious behavior:

But why is this destructive and often sociopathic behavior so appealing to so many people?

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Observation & Reflection

The United States is an Imperialist-Militarist-Plutocratic-Police-State and a Secular Theocracy

I posted these thoughts in the comments thread in response the recent article, “The True Global Minority,” by Bay Area Guy from Alternative Right, and follow up comments by “ 845 more words

Culture Wars/Current Controversies

Post-Election Musings

Some general and random election thoughts–

Four of the last five federal elections (2006, 2008, 2010, and 2014) have been wave elections, when one party makes major gains at the other’s expense. 664 more words


Draft Email to Parents

I don’t have enough peak minutes to talk on the phone much. But you need to put me above spending money on your dogs. I’m the one you created, and you have more money than at least 80% of Americans. 240 more words