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#AmeriCAN Can't It?

“A system cannot fail those it was never built to protect.”–W.E.B Dubois

This humanizes the brutality Black people face in an extremely poignant way.

May we have your consciences now America?

Late Great U.S.A

Fill the Plate for Hungry Kids

This year No Kid Hungry is prepared to provide 100 holiday meals for every $49 donated. They use volume and organization to be very cost efficient, but they are also supported by large food companies. 249 more words


The New Minimalist - Cheetah Style

Lately (due to life of course) I have been abandoning the American Lie Dream and have gone through a concrete jungle cleanse of many of my worldly goods. 825 more words

Rat Race Saga

Competition Cheerleading is cutthroat and contemptible

Sitting in the crowd I notice a pattern of the ne’er-do-well’s walking past. There is a funny silence that comes over me at the disgusting sight, I’ve actually decided that a pattern must exist so I continue to justify it for my own means, after all it has become extremely entertaining, most the people walking by falling into two very different categories each sharing DNA from the same small gene pool. 820 more words

11-23 Butterfly Raises His Eyebrow at Owl

the hoarding cacophony

of divorce devours

the tiny chick,

which poops rainbows,

in my delicate,



feed me.

Coming Out

How Washington can renew U.S. manufacturing

Congress is back in Washington with the intent to get some key things done between now and the end of the year. One of those things needs to be making an investment in our economy by passing the Revitalizing American Manufacturing and Innovation (RAMI) Act, which would invest in a key segment of the U.S. 688 more words


Did We Miss The Whole Point?

With allegations about Bill Cosby coming from every direction and conspiracy theorists on the rise, I had a thought today and I’d like to see what you think? 462 more words