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#TrendingThursday Week 93

Good morning.  As I transition the website, I’m going to start writing a lot more and reposting a lot less.  That being said, #TrendingThursday is all about reposting, right?  580 more words

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Give Them the Best

It is so easy to fall in with the world’s way of thinking without even realizing it. In this country, we grow up hearing people talk about the “American dream.” We understand that “dream” to include a steady job with good income, a nice vehicle, a spacious and fashionable home, stylish clothing, etc. 736 more words

Is The American Dream Dead?

I heard someone ask this question recently, and it made me wonder…Is the American Dream dead?

The answer to that depends on who you speak with. 1,034 more words

Everyday Life

An American Dream(girl)

One of the most lovable people in my life, is Luda, the ever cheerful lady who helps keep my house clean and tidy. Luda, Ludmilla Onishehnko, is a 57 year old Ukranian, who immigrated to the US 8 years ago. 191 more words

In Few Words

The Great Gatsby: The Great American Dream

One of the only flaws I saw people picking up from The Great Gatsby is the exaggerated love story centering the novel.Exaggerated to some of us?Perhaps.Exaggerated to F.Scott Fitzgerald? 607 more words


Optimism vs. Pessimism for America


While reading the WSJ I came across an interesting statistic- 76% of Republicans believe that most people can make it in America if they work hard and play their cards right while only 49% of Democrats believe the same to be true.  684 more words

Redefining the American Dream

What is the American Dream?  A house in the suburbs with the picket fence and everything else we’ve always believed it to be right? Perhaps. I know I used to think so, however I recently began to question and rethink what the American Dream could actually be. 422 more words