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How Far, How Deep, How Wide?

Romans 8:18-30 — Yesterday we talked about our present confidence that we have in the Lord. Today, we talk about our future glory. Paul tells us plain out that there will be suffering, but it is nothing compared to our future glory. 861 more words

Survival, or "Endurance the Sequel"

I don’t like to sound like a broken record, but at this point my focus in life is survival. So this week, I’m Surviving.

An old joke I heard once has been hovering in my mind lately. 422 more words

Farming The Dream

And the balls are rolling!

I finally got my e-mail from the International Office. This is a ‘provisional selection’, which basically means that I am not accepted yet. There is still a lot that can happen, and Ferris State University still has the rights to deny me as an exchange student, and if I’m too late with my application and such. 442 more words

Studying Abroad

My Life and the New York Times

I’m addicted.

All it took was buying one, just one, The New York Times.  It’s not about on line reading, it’s about the dirty newsprint and the cheap paper and folding and reading the continuing story on page … 212 more words

Inward Growth

It never rains in California (jadę to sprawdzić)

It never rains in California
But girl don’t they warn ya
It pours, man it pours, śpiewał Albert Hammond. No cóż, teraz faktycznie nie pada. Susza, największa od dziesięcioleci, trwa od trzech lat, w w tym roku w prawie 2/3 stanu objęła susza „ekstremalna”. 363 more words


Prognosis Diagnosis

In contemporary society, the spectrum of diagnosable mental disorders has increased greatly in size. Over the past six decades, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders… 468 more words

American Dream

Shelf life

I grew up in a Christian home. Church was part of my weekly routine. Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, Wednesday mornings, Summer camps, etc. I got saved when I was 9 in Sunday School class after my teacher told us about the horrors of Hell, and how the only option to avoid it was to ask Jesus in to my heart. 501 more words

American Dream