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Are video games sexist?

Hey, check it out! Finally! It’s a real look at the issue the way us real gamers see it. Backed up with real research that us… 237 more words


Lying with numbers

Lies, damned lies, and statistics. Recently, I’ve been getting a graduate-level course in how to lie with numbers. The first lesson comes from the Heritage Foundation, which has a chart showing that despite spending tons of money on anti-poverty programs, the poverty rate hasn’t budged in years. 679 more words


Los jóvenes y la felicidad

A la sociedad guatemalteca le convendría revalorizar el trabajo bien hecho y flexibilizar el mercado laboral. 

Algunos de mis alumnos comentaron en clase la apatía y desilusión que invade a algunos miembros de su generación. 681 more words


In which I watch a Dick Cheney speech so you don't have to

My latest piece at LobeLog is a favor to you fine readers. See, former VP Richard Cheney headed to the warm, friendly confines of the American Enterprise Institute yesterday, and like Frank Costanza at Festivus, he’s got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re gonna hear about it. 316 more words

America Fuck Yeah

Cheney rips President Obama in AEI speech


#CheneyatAEI there's a perception that the United States can't be trusted anymore

— Danielle Pletka (@dpletka) September 10, 2014

Cheney: the worst, most self-defeating illusion is the idea that American power and leadership are optional.

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Jonah Goldberg: 'In Ferguson, the race to be wrong, it seems, isn’t a sprint but a marathon'

Legions of activists and commentators have convinced themselves that we know exactly what happened

The events in Ferguson, Mo., have launched a familiar spectacle: the race to be wrong first. 509 more words

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Two Views: Is free-market capitalism good and just? (Published by the Houghton Star Newspaper and The American Enterprise Institute December 2013)

Each day we participate in the most just and free market system in the world. The iPhone we bought to talk to friends, the Pepsi we drank to keep us awake to study, the paycheck from work, are an integrative part of the free market.  751 more words

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