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Peak by Roland Smith

Peak by Roland Smith is the story of the youngest person to ever attempt climbing Mt. Everest. The 14-year-old hero of the novel, who was named Peak by his mountaineering father, is arrested after climbing to the top of a 75 story building in New York City. 550 more words

Book Review

Grace Paley, Meet Haruki Murakami, A Deal-Me-In Short Story Challenge

I was so happy to finally draw something by Haruki Murakami this time around.  Glad to have Grace Paley again as well.  Paley has been a discovery. 601 more words


Sunday Salon: What's the difference between a mash-up and a rip-off?


The new book by Doug Dorst and J.J. Abrams was the first thing I read after completing the TBR Triple Dog Dare.  It had been sitting on the dining room table for just about a month, waiting. 1,098 more words


Acts of Omission, Commission and Contrition: Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch

Tartt, Donna. The Goldfinch. New York: Little Brown, 2013.  

Set against backdrops as diverse as uptown Manhattan and the empty, dust-blown suburbs of Las Vegas, Amsterdam at Christmas and New York’s GreenwichVillage, sophisticated drawing rooms and tawdry restaurants, Donna Tartt’s… 869 more words

Book Review

Send Me by Patrick Ryan

Send Me by Patrick Ryan is the story of a family under duress. The matriarch, Teresa Kerrigan is in over her head. Her first husband leaves her with two children, a son Matt and a daughter Karen. 1,088 more words


Irish or American?

A nation is the same people living in the same place.                   James Joyce

What makes a writer Irish? Or American? Is it residence? Ethnicity? A passport? 332 more words