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feederwatch (april 13, 2014)

An American goldfinch pair, and the first male I’ve yet seen. They seem to get along fine with our resident house sparrows.

Getting to Know HJ

Now that we have more hours of daylight being Spring and all, the amount of birds visiting my feeders is more frequent and the consumption of seeds is up. 254 more words


Behind the Scenes!

Why not think that my backyard actually works in a different way? Pretend that is not my backyard but a Movie Studio. Why not? Since it works like that really! 631 more words


Goldfinch (Haiku)

garden blur – /
spring’s first goldfinch /
whizzing by //


first goldfinch of spring /
whizzes over the birdbath /
in a golden blur // 154 more words

Icy Landing Conditions

A recent storm created some icy landing conditions for birds. I watched during the morning as birds attempted to land on ice covered branches only to slide off or slide down the entire branch. 22 more words


Searching for Spring

On Saturday, Tara and I original intended to go to Garrett Mountain – a local migration hotspot to see what was arriving.  I hard heard that earlier in the week there wasn’t much, but it seemed worth a visit, if for no other reason then getting a chance to say farewell to our winter birds. 637 more words

Great Blue Heron