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Is it really an "Immigration Crisis"?

It depends on your definition of “crisis,” but neither the numbers nor the people who they represent turn what is now happening on our southern border into a “crisis.”  Most of those who are coming are teenagers, and most of those who aren’t are women.  696 more words


Berlin decodes Silicon Valley’s mythology, place in the West

Kreable Young | Staff Photographer
Leslie Berlin, project historian at Stanford’s Silicon Valley Archives, speaks during the morning lecture in the Amphitheater Friday.

In 1959, a 22-year-old woman, who Silicon Valley Archives project historian Leslie Berlin called “V,” moved with her four daughters from Los Angeles to Santa Clara County. 2,790 more words


The Little Bank that Could and the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

It’s like something out of It’s a Wonderful Life. A small bank provides a place for small depositors and borrowers to do business in a city dominated by big banks that serve only the wealthy. 482 more words

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See All the US Presidents

Mt Rushmore is a much celebrated American monument in memorial of four of our favorite US Presidents.  But what about all those other men who served as President and left their mark on our collective patriotism? 108 more words


America, Liberty, and Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexis de Tocqueville: Life and Quotes

Dinner Topics for Monday

One reason Tocqueville, as a Frenchman, took such interest in America is the comparison between the American and French revolutions. 1,734 more words

Dinner Topics

Photo Of The Day: First Selfie In Space

The first “selfie” in space was taken by Buzz Aldrin during the Gemini 12 mission in 1966.


Personal Story

I prompted my students to write about what they feel the world needs to know about them.  The following is what I received. . . . 902 more words