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Timequake Discussion

Timequake is definitely not what I was expecting. That’s not to say it wasn’t any good. It’s simply different from the other Vonnegut books I’ve read. 415 more words

Book Club

Jeffrey Henshaw Says Gabba, Gabba Hey!

“Never Let School Interfere With Your Education” -Jeffrey Henshaw

Jeffrey Henshaw,  a thirteen year old boy, would have the title Most Annoying Kid in his neighborhood.

2,192 more words

The Diner

I am going to tell you a story friend, which is based on a true event; The Diner.

Now, There was an old lady who use to own a diner, the maitre’d wanted to buy the diner and about a month later he did. 524 more words


'Nilda' by Junot Diaz

Nilda by Junot Diaz

The magic trick:

Giving the story a whole new sense of vulnerability through Rafa’s plot arc

The Yunior narration in Junot Diaz stories can be complex and controversial. 408 more words


The reasons of wrath

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck 1939 French title: Les Raisins de la colère.

I finished The Grapes of Wrath a few weeks ago and I’ve been procrastinating. 1,123 more words

20th Century

Week of October 20

Due Blocks 1 and 2: Prepare for Socratic seminar.

Block 1: What makes a personal story worth telling? (Focus on content.)

Block 2: What makes a personal narrative good? 72 more words

American Literature

900+ Words - 2 "SuperShort Stories"

SuperShort #1


Jenny Williams was slated to be baptized.  It was to be an important transitional day for her, she was told.  It would bring Jesus into her soul, she was told.   930 more words