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Run River by Joan Didion

Run River by Joan Didion. 1963. French title: Une saison de nuits.

Lily heard the shot at seventeen minutes to one. She knew the time precisely because, without looking out the window into the dark where the shot reverberated, she continued fastening the clasp on the diamond wrist watch Everett had given her two years before on their seventeenth anniversary, looked at it on her wrist for a long time, and then, sitting on the edge of the bed, began winding it.

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Luckey Quarter

I am a big fan of Mr. Stephen King. Not only for being the lord of my nightmares, but, most of all, for being the helluva writer. 174 more words


[703] Mrs. Bridge - Evan S. Connell

” She spent a great deal of time staring into space, oppressed by the sense that she was waiting. But waiting for what? She did not know. 495 more words


A Jamesian Delicate Balance & Brittle Real Thing

Tobias (John Lithgow) with his sister-in-law and occasional lover, Claire (A Delicate Balance)

Henry (Ewan McGregor) with Annie (Maggie Gyllenhaal), at first his mistress and then his wife (The Real Thing) 1,732 more words

20th Century Culture

'The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story' by Joel Chandler Harris

The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story by Joel Chandler Harris, 1881

The magic trick:

A very, very clever story

It is difficult to assess the Uncle Remus stories as literature without being overwhelmed by the both the racism of the Disney… 215 more words


Ursula K. Le Guin talks about the dangers to literature and what can be done

Ursula K. Le Guin was honored at the National Book Awards November 20, 2014, and gave a speech about the dangers to literature and how they can be stopped. 488 more words