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Vacancy Filled

Friends; Readers,

I have been (conspicuously) absent these past few weeks–perhaps Gravity’s Rainbow finally took its toll and I have been wandering around our postindustrial cityscape in the shadow of a rocket that has yet to come, or perhaps it was that ever-present shadow of the semester’s end that struck me mute; in either case, apologies are in order. 2,873 more words

American Literature

Introducing the Fishbowl, 4/23 (American Literature)

Today’s Learning Target:

  1. I will respond thoughtfully to a question about To Kill a Mockingbird by means of a small group discussion.
  2. I will also critique my own and other group’s discussion by taking notes and sharing what each group did well and what each group should to consider for their next discussion.
  3. 188 more words
American Literature

East of Eden

Every year, just as summer’s beginning, Joy the Baker mentions that she’s rereading East of Eden. And every year, my curiosity is piqued by her enthusiastic love for the book. 390 more words

Book Journal

Adam's Rib: a telling muddle

She (Amanda Bonner, Katherine Hepburn) drives him (Adam Bonner, Spencer Tracy) to work (Adam’s Rib, directed by George Cukor, scripted Ruth Gordon)

Dear friends and readers, 1,907 more words

20th Century Culture

[652] Jack Holmes and His Friend - Edmund White

” Jack didn’t think he was a nonconformist; he simply loved Will. If he could have magically turned himself into a girl whom Will would want to marry, he’d have done it without hesitation. 505 more words


The Noble Savages of the North America as Described by Benjamin Franklin

The Noble Savages of the North America as Described by Benjamin Franklin


 “Savages, we call them, because their manners differ from ours, which we think the perfection of civility; they think the same of theirs.” 997 more words

Book Review: The Pearl That Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi

There are not many books that make me cry. I am not talking about a stray tear trickling down my cheek at a heartwarming finish……….this book made me sob uncontrollably at the end of it . 705 more words

American Literature