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The Medical Device Industry

In 2014, Exacto has hired dozens of production personnel to keep up with our growing programs in the medical side of our business. In addition, our custom built equipment for these special programs is mostly made in-house to meet our stringent customer requirements. 384 more words

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The Growing Interest in Drones

It seems that one of the major buzzwords of the year is “drone.” These unmanned aerial aircraft are making a huge impact, throughout the world. While many folks may still associate them with the large military drones, the truth is, the term covers a huge family of vehicles. 440 more words


MN company gets 'Hobby Lobby' exemption; insurance won't cover birth control

A Minnesota company will not have to provide birth control coverage on its health plans after receiving the same exemption to the federal health care overhaul as Hobby Lobby. 272 more words


The Importance of STEM Education: Building The Workforce of the Future

American manufacturers continue to add jobs as the economy recovers and demand for their products increases. Thanks to the phenomenon known as “reshoring,” many of them are adding jobs right here in the US instead of in overseas countries like China. 325 more words

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The Automotive Industry and the Push for Better Fuel Economy

It’s no secret that the automotive industry has made a spectacular recovery in recent years. In September many automakers saw sales of new vehicles, especially compact cars and pickup trucks, increase yet again thanks to an improving economy and rising consumer confidence. 296 more words

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Manufacturing News Round-Up: Volume II

Day in and day out, it seems like the only kind of news we ever hear is negative. This week, we’re happy to report several positive stories in our manufacturing industry news round-up. 269 more words


IRD Glass Celebrates MFG Day and Month 2014

According to the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), 2014 has been a great year for manufacturing. As of September, the U.S. manufacturing sector had expanded for the 16th consecutive month.[1] The timing of this news could not be any better because it just so happens that we celebrated National Manufacturing Day and Month in October. 235 more words

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