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Backwards Novel Study

I am in the middle of creating a backwards novel study. Yes, it does sound weird. Backwards? Well, I was thinking that we would watch the movie first, and then read the book. 276 more words

Pear Trees Are Obscene! Hurston's "Their Eyes Were Watching God"

 This post contributes to the Banned Books Blog Party hosted by hannah at her blog Things Matter.  Click here for more about her blog and the banned books blog party. 999 more words


Have you read the 200 ‘best American novels’?


Susanna Rowson, “Charlotte Temple” (1791)
Hugh Henry Brackenridge, “Modern Chivalry” (1792–1815)
Hannah W. Foster, “The Coquette” (1797)
Charles Brockden Brown, “Wieland” (1798)
Lydia Maria Child, “Hobomok” (1824) 1,089 more words


100 Best American Novels Before 1985?

It is probably impossible to come up with an objective list of the 100 best novels from any country.  Nonetheless, people try, and these lists can be helpful for people  looking for new works to read or a way to fill in the gaps of their undergraduate English literature degree. 675 more words


Blogging the Booker 2014/3

Somehow, quite by accident I seem to have started the long read with the American entries. Today I finished the third. Karen Joy Fowler has written six novels and three collections of short stories, she has also won several prizes for her previous books. 304 more words

Blogging the Booker 2014/2

Orfeo by Richard Powers. I have a real problem with this novel, quite apart that is from its ridiculous dust jacket. The narrative is strong, the adventure quite engrossing but the core is undecipherable, unless of course you are a musician. 405 more words