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2015 State of American Energy Report

2015 State of American Energy Report
Source: American Petroleum Institute

This report highlights how America can choose a future where the oil and natural gas industry continues to contribute to our nation’s economic recovery and job creation; to develop and utilize state-of-the-art technologies to safely discover, extract, refine, and transport oil and natural gas; and to enable the U.S.

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Keystone XL Pipeline Still Hotly Contested

It looks like the Keystone XL Pipeline is going to face a tough time on U.S. President Obama’s desk, and an American Petroleum Institute spokesperson says he’s “disappointed” by this countervailing force that appears ready to fight a Republican-led congress.   201 more words

Climate Change

Light, Heavy, Sweet or Sour?

As the famous Castrol advertisement suggests: Oils ain’t oils! There are big differences between light and heavy crude oil and it can also be sweet or sour as well. 470 more words


Revealed: How Big Oil Got Expedited Permitting for Fracking on Public Lands Into the Defense Bill

Special interests are getting more than a fair share of the pie of public lands and water use, while the wild horses and burros are getting the short end of the stick.   1,129 more words

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Monster Wells: Despite Drought, Hundreds of Fracking Sites Used More Than 10 Million Gallons of Water

Monster Wells

Despite Drought, Hundreds of Fracking Sites Used More Than 10 Million Gallons of Water

SOURCE:  Environmental Working Group 

By Soren Rundquist, Landscape and Remote Sensing Analyst & Bill Walker, Consultant… 880 more words

As gas prices go down, likelihood of higher gas taxes goes up

This post is in partnership with Time. The article below was originally published at Money.com.

By Brad Tuttle, Money

Raising taxes is never popular. But if there was ever a way to make a tax increase more palatable to Americans, it would be with a tax hike that didn’t seem like much of a tax hike. 780 more words


Marsden: Keystone supporters threaten giant ad blitz unless pipeline is approved

WASHINGTON — Supporters of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline are threatening a nationwide advertising blitz unless U.S. President Barack Obama approves the $8-billion US project before Christmas. 638 more words