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Not Cool

In recent years, the teen sex comedy has become close to extinct. Quality writing and memorable performances in this genre have decreased and the much of the cinematic output been restricted to direct-to-DVD garbage and late night cable/Netflix fodder. 515 more words

The day the music died

All you old folkies will remember Don McLean song ‘American Pie’ about that terrible day in February 1959 known as the day the music died; but did it die then or were there other factors at play to kill rock and roll? 755 more words

Tara Reid Reveals Her Skeletor Body While Running Errands In West Hollywood

Once a hottie always a hottie? Not in this case. Former American Pie stunner Tara Reid has come a long way from her glory days. The… 13 more words

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Hall of Honor, Round 1: "American Pie", Don McLean

Phew! Last song in Round 1! (Took long enough.)

And I should point out that this song in the Hall of Honor is included with an unusual amount of bashful giddiness borne out of childhood nostalgia for this song. 1,682 more words

Hall Of Honor, Round One

The Title of Most Sexiest Food Goes to....

GQ just released their annual list of The Worlds Top 50 Sexiest Foods!! Finally, I can now plan that special Valentine’s dinner to get him in the mood. 454 more words


Character Building

Learning Mandarin is like flying. It starts at full speed and at first it feels like there’s huge progress; ordering food or getting a taxi to go to the right place is immediately rewarding. 391 more words


What's Sex Got to do With... Cherries?

In a world where we are trying to question social institutions and not let ourselves be limited by stereotypes, are we really going to let ourselves be defined by our virgin status? 605 more words