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Alice Cooper as the Monster Under Pop Culture's Bed: 15 Versions of "Eighteen"

The last few times I’ve seen Alice Cooper, he’s been opening for another act. An appropriate reaction would be “Why?”, but watch Alice open a show and it becomes clear: He’s hungry. 3,292 more words


Entry 388: The Wedding Blog Part XXXIV: Countdown, Episode 1

Well, that’s over with! My daughter Casey is now married to Alex, and my wife Barbara and I have a son-in-law.

My next four posts will contain some of the highlights of the wedding, starting with a few days before it. 1,036 more words

"American Cake" Held Back Comic

In honor of my birthday, which just happens to be tomorrow, here’s a humorous parody comic about a teenage boy sticking his penis into a pastry.


Just a Dash of Things to Never Bring Up at a Reunion

Hello Doodles! I have named my readers “Doodles” because 1) it’s cute 2) I like it and 3) you don’t have much of a choice unless you leave a very defensive comment stating that you do not in fact want to be called a “Doodle.” So Doodles, we shall see. 437 more words