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Saul Williams X (Coded language)

Every time you begin to doubt yourself. I’ll even bring it home. When I begin to doubt or always right on time. I hear this poem and I am reminded that it is not only possible but within me. 32 more words


"Optimism and Critical Excess" Part 2 1992 Charles Bernstein

“I would argue not for the death of the author as much as for the exploding of a stable presentation of the author’s identity, perhaps to reveal the multiple vector (including intention and individuality) that constitute the author and the field in which she operates.”


"The Lives of the Toll Takers" 1994 Charles Bernstein

Lines 305-312

“Poets deserve compensation for such services. For readers unwilling to pay the price we need to refuse to provide such service as alliteration, internal rhymes, exogamic structure, and unusual vocabulary.”


"Optimism and Critical Excess" 1992 Charles Bernstein

“It’s the one-two punch all over again: first the poem ‘itself’ is shown of its biographical and bibliographical and socio-cultural wings; then unable to fly, it’s assumed to be a half-dead thing.”


At The Fishhouses - Emily Bishop 1947, 1955

“All is silver.”

“It is like what we imagine knowledge to be.
dark, salt, clear, moving, utterly free,
drawn from the cold hard mouth
of the world”


Vespers by Louise Glück

Louise Glück’s Faithful and Virtuous Night, is a finalist for the National Book Award in poetry. Glück is a writer in residence at Yale.

Her  330 more words


This is Poetry - and one of my favs - a lagniappe for tonight!

In a Dark Time

By Theodore Roethke

In a dark time, the eye begins to see,

I meet my shadow in the deepening shade;

I hear my echo in the echoing wood—

215 more words