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A chronological outline of alleged dealings involving Bill Clinton as published by The Progressive Review can be found here.

Organised Crime

Thoughts at 2am

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There were shootings yesterday at Marysville-Pilchuk High School here in the state of Washington.  Two young students are known to be dead.  Four others seriously injured. 463 more words

American Politics

On Maher-derdom

It isn’t my position that Bill Maher is the smartest man on Earth, or that he is necessarily the funniest or most informed; I have a list a mile long of intellectual heroes I admire before Bill, comedians I prefer to watch over him, and authors and members of the intelligentsia whom I think know far more than he could possibly hope to know on any given subject. 929 more words

America Tell Me The Truth!

I was done for the day in terms of writing and then I thought I would try a show that I previously hadn’t heard of called “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver”. 133 more words


Crash Course on Politics: Looney Tunes Left

Ferguson update: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the official Michael Brown autopsy reveals: 1) An altercation within the police car with Brown being shot at close range. 864 more words