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As the McDonnells Turn

By Adele

Cats Working smelled a rat when Virginia’s former governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen were indicted on 14 felony counts of corruption, primarily stemming from Maureen’s cozy relationship with Jonnie Williams, Sr., CEO of Star Scientific. 466 more words

American Politics

Republicans Sue President Obama for Doing His Job

“They’re not doing anything, and then they’re mad at me for doing something. They’ve decided they’re going to sue me for doing my job.” – President Barack Obama… 517 more words


It's Time to Revert Our Death Penalty Policies

I want to be clear right away. This is not a post about how we need to do away with the death penalty. This is a post about common sense and being realistic how we deal with those we that our justice system sentences to death. 336 more words

Death Penalty

For the Love of Money is the root of all Evil . . .

And is there anything more evil than the killing of innocent children such as is happening every day in Gaza.

The shooting down of MH 17 that killed so many young children was gruesome enough – but at least there is the possibility that this was a mistake and the terrorist thought he was shooting down a Ukrainian military plane.
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