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Everyone thinks that the US holiday of Thanksgiving is due to a dinner of Pilgrims with Native Americans. Though there are some vague links in terms of occasional days declared as days for giving thanks, the national holiday of Thanksgiving does not date until the US Civil War, in 1863. 84 more words

Aliens, Illluminati and the Great Deception: Fringe perspectives on Mainstream Media

In watching television news or any mainstream media broadcast, all viewers take the information and filter it through their own worldview. Viewers may fully accept messages as stated, interpret them as coded messages, view reports as biased, or otherwise take an oppositional stance to their perception of the broadcaster’s meaning. 787 more words


From Wall Street to Canfield Drive: The Common Thread

What do all of these recent events of civil unrest and protest have in common?  From Tea Party rallies and Occupy Wall Street protests to the standoff at the… 513 more words

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A Muted Conversation

As you all may know, the decision was made yesterday not to indict, Darren Wilson, on the charges of killing black youth, Michael Brown. This case has caused outrage for a plethora of reasons and has ignited passionate debate in the country of the black American experience. 793 more words


Hagel Chucked Out

It seems President Obama is losing key members of his administration left and right. The latest loss from Obama’s Administration comes from Chuck Hagel, a former Republican Senator and the Secretary of Defense. 193 more words

Demos Rhino

Early Morning Thoughts and Prayers

Fun fact: my dad and I politically do not mesh. It’s fine, I actually prefer it that way because I love to debate and to express my opinion . 472 more words


Chucked out

Chuck Hagel has, ah, “resigned” as Secretary of Defense, because somebody has to take the blame for, well, the election results I guess (full confession: I respect Hagel’s stance on… 564 more words

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