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I saw this on Twitter just now and damned near fell off my chair it was so funny.

For background, someone recently was able to penetrate White House security and cross the fence. 121 more words


Hobby Lobby decision has predictable results

Remember how the SCOTUS decision on Hobby Lobby wasn’t going to have wide reaching effects on people’s rights?
Remember how dissenting opinions warned this could have wide reaching consequences? 9 more words

Story of a Failed Peace Mission~September 1864

A Failed Peace Mission

James Gilmore, age 42 at the time, was a Massachusetts writer and journalist. James Jaquess, age 44, came from Indiana and was a Methodist minister, educator and Union officer who believed that he could “covert” President Jefferson Davis of the Confederacy to peaceably ending the war. 2,533 more words

Civil War

Book Note: The Good of Politics by James Skillen

by Dan Miller.

James Skillen thinks that most Christians have an impoverished view of politics, regarding it as a necessary evil in a fallen world. Skillen wants them to think of it as something inherently good, an essential part of the social order like families and churches. 1,382 more words

Book Note

My Story At The Atlantic: Capitalism Vs The Climate

The author and activist Naomi Klein is out with a new book on climate change: This Changes Everything. She argues that our man-made environmental crisis can serve as a transformative moment, an opportunity for a mass social movement to demand a more humane economy. 354 more words


Robert McDonnell Asks For Acquittal of Corruption Charges

The former governor of Virginia, who was convicted earlier this month of public corruption, worked up the deluded courage to ask a judge to acquit him or be granted a new trial. 209 more words

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