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A pretty good article by Rick Perry – he is, although arguably, the most experienced potential Republican candidate for President in the big field of aspiring Republicans.

American Politics

From the Right Wing Nutjobs: a Perspective on Voter ID Laws

So if you like totally absurd spoofs of Fox News nonsense, here’s a link to an article from Feivelsguide.com in which the writer purports to show that Voter ID Laws are not racist.  37 more words

American Politics

Book Review: Hard Choices

Read for: My general interest in Hilldog


I’ll start this off by saying I’m not American. Nor do I really care about American politics beyond the fact that sometimes what they do has repercussions for my country (Canader, eh?), but I have always been intrigued by Hillary. 419 more words


Right Wing Nutjobs, a Different Point of View

So here’s an absurd article from a man who claims that he is proud to be a right wing nutjob, because being so nutty means he is full of protein (like Arnold Shwarzenegger), unlike Liberals (who are “girly men” as Hanz and Franz and Arnold would say). 12 more words

American Politics

New blog! CatholicMonarchy.net!

CatholicMonarchy.net will be the blog supporting CatholicMonarchy.com

This blog will speak specifically to the counterrevolution and the Monarchy.