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Court to weigh challenge to ban on campaign lies

WASHINGTON (AP) — As political campaigns begin to heat up, the Supreme Court is deciding whether false accusations and mudslinging made during an election can be punished as a crime. 907 more words


Crash Course on Politics: Yes, Do Go There, Buddy! (and other stuff)

“You don’t want to go there buddy,” AG Eric Holder to Rep Louie Gohmert last week after Gohmert accused him of not caring about being held in contempt of Congress. 692 more words

Former AP and Newsweek writer chronicles the enigma that is John Kerry

ABOVE: Kerry makes the case for crushing more innocent civilians

Robert Parry has been a prominent award-winning investigative journalist, working at both Newsweek and the Associated Press, where he is perhaps most well-known for reporting on the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s. 128 more words

Amidst The Vitriol, Some Words of Kindness for Suey Park

In the aftermath of #cancelcolbert the response against Suey Park was pretty massive. I decided to check out her feeds and see what people were saying….. 263 more words


How Change Happens - Or Doesn't

Book Review:

Elaine C. Kamarck - How Change Happens – Or Doesn’t: The Politics of US Public Policy

This book is a primer on the intersection of policy and politics at the federal level in the United States, looking at a variety of case studies of policy initiatives and dissecting why they did or didn’t work. 609 more words

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