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Kill Keystone

Before you read my blog on this subject, please click on the pic below and read it over first.  It will make this post I’m about to do much shorter. 402 more words


Crash Course on Politics

A weekly and sometimes bi-weekly rundown of stuff that makes American politics so crazy.

Looks like we’ve got Eric Holder 2.0 as our next attorney general – and no, I don’t care what Senator Orin Hatch (R- UT) says. 831 more words

POINTMAN - Always Gives Us Something to Ponder....

Pop, pop, and poppety pop.

by Pointman

A friend once turned to me on a day that had no mercy in it and said, “you’re right, there is no God.” We were both watching something slowly unfolding, something cold and just petrifying cruel which couldn’t be stopped by either of us.  1,529 more words

Liberal Corruption And Incompetence.

They're Supposed to Be Awful

Questioner: Was there more civility among politicians in the early years of the Republic?

Gore Vidal: Well that’s not what they’re there for. Civility among politicians is oxymoronic – they’re supposed to be awful. 174 more words


The GOP Must Rebrand Itself to Take the White House in 2016

The 2014 midterm election season proved to be victorious for Republicans, considering they maintained control over the House and took the Senate while they were at it. 551 more words

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