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Words with the Power to Move Us

Josiah Quincy made a speech in Boston near the outbreak of the American Revolution. Quincy was an influential attorney and the spokesman for the Sons of Liberty, a group of revolutionaries that included John Hancock and Paul Revere. 394 more words

The Spoken Word

The ladies and the Gentleman,

This is in Colonial Williamsburg, VA. These people are the interpreters at the historical section of Williamsburg, VA

Using Newspapers to Trace Your Colonial and Revolutionary Ancestry

As a Daughter of the American Revolution, colonial and revolutionary genealogy has a special place in my heart. Very few things give me more pride than knowing that my ancestors helped form this great nation and being able to tell those stories. 90 more words

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Love and Marriage, Part 2: War

There are marriages that turn into war zones, as husband and wife become enemy combatants in the trenches and minefields of their shared lives. But sometimes partners who love each other have the misfortune to live or to be separated during an actual war and to live in a real war zone. 763 more words

George Washington: Public Health Advocate

Of the many benefits modern medicine offers us, the eradication of smallpox falls in my Top 10 list. Before Jenner developed his vaccine, some people practiced inoculation – live virus was scratched into the skin, causing an infection and rendering the lifelong immunity. 815 more words

The Turncoat (Renegades of the Revolution, Bk 1) by Donna Thorland

Series: Renegades of the Revolution, Bk 1

Publication Date: March 2013

Gale Cengage

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“Kate didn’t like Mrs. Ferrers. Something about the beautiful young widow was off.” … 357 more words

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America, Liberty, and Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexis de Tocqueville: Life and Quotes

Dinner Topics for Monday

One reason Tocqueville, as a Frenchman, took such interest in America is the comparison between the American and French revolutions. 1,734 more words

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