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Just How Bad Were the Conditions in Continental Hospitals?

Deplorable.  Tragic.  Unrelenting.  But don’t take my word for it.  On 28 October 1780, The Pennsylvania Packet (pages 1-2) ran the disposition of Peter Ozeas, of Reading, Pennsylvania, who gave the following chilling accounts of the Continental Hospital there between 1777 and 1778.  58 more words

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Beginning of Common Sense in Revolutions (An Essay on Thomas Paine's Common Sense).

The American Revolution became a fountainhead for future revolutions to transpire. Unlike prior revolutions, the American Revolution was a grass roots movement, not an aristocratic and intellectual movement such as the Glorious Revolution. 861 more words

Houghton College

Five-Dimensional Boston: A city of spatial and historical confusion.

While I was in Boston for a month recently on a research trip, my husband and I had some interesting exchanges via text and Twitter. He was often curious where in the city I was and how I was getting from place to place. 1,098 more words


Be Swept Away in the Winds of Betrayal




A rousing family saga for the fight for America’s independence!

The winds of change brews over the colonies. 247 more words

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The 'Sleepy Hollow' Review (2.2) - Spoilers Ahead

As we get into these weekly reviews, I want to constantly remind the reader that I do, in fact, enjoy this show.  I like its humor, its grasp of pop culture and even Crane’s ignorance of modern conveniences is only slightly overplayed, but still fun and entertaining. 1,985 more words

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Boston Massacre

This print by Paul Revere passed along all the colonies. It portrayed a scene where it looked like the British guards were a firing squad-which was not exactly the truth. 10 more words

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"Liberty Kids" - Fabulous 40 Episode Series for teaching about US History.

We love Geography!

We are only onto Page 6 of our workbook and have already learnt so much.  I laugh because even though I am a school teacher, learning about American Geography and History is new to me so I’m enjoying this as much as my son. 429 more words