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The American Revolution Was Not a Party

by Ryan McMaken via Mises Daily

Writing on the Ferguson protests and riots, Darlena Cunha claimed in Time Magazine that the Tea Party “gets its name from a riot, The Boston Tea Party.” Cunha went on to then claim that the Ferguson riots are in the tradition of the Boston Tea Party, which celebrates its 241st anniversary this week. 1,155 more words

War And Foreign Policy

Colonial Battles Simulation

Yet another simulation our students engaged in was one focused on colonial battles. Students played the roles of British and Colonial soldiers and participated in seven battles designed so that students would understand the details about each battle and an overall perspective of the Revolutionary War. 22 more words


My Pennsylvania Associators Hat is Complete!

And it didn’t turn out that terribly for my first attempt!

You can go see how I made this by clicking this link!

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Boston Tea Party & Museum

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is a history museum over the political protests in Boston on December 16 in 1773. The museum is located on the fort point channel. 42 more words


How the American Revolution Began

What is today known as the United States of America was first settled by several British emigrants who wanted to live a freer life. They established several colonies on the Eastern coast of future American land, beginning with Jamestown (1607). 885 more words

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Patriots, Tea, History...

Modern political activists invoke history… to justify and rationalize their activism- but often lose the real lessons of the events.  The Boston Tea Party was not a simple protest against taxation; it was a complex disagreement over duties, exemptions, tariffs, and trade balance.  472 more words