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“A word that shall echo forevermore”

(National Poetry Month, Day 18)

Every year, I feel as though April 18 is something…but I just can’t remember what.

This year, I remembered: the midnight ride of Paul Revere! 1,062 more words

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
On the Eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five;
Hardly a man is now alive… 560 more words

Maryland 400

CLIVEN BUNDY VS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT UPDATES 4-18-2014: Harry Reid Calls Bundy Supporters “Domestic Terrorists”, Clinton/Obama Cronies Involved In Showdown, Were CIA Plants Involved In Bundy Standoff (VIDEO), And BLM Engaged In Criminal Conspiracy Against The Ranchers.

SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS: Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) claimed on Thursday that armed supporters of rancher Cliven Bundy are “domestic terrorists”. Speaking at a Las Vegas Review-Journal event, Reid said, “They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists. 476 more words


April 18th in history:

Paul Revere and other colonists rode through the Boston area during the ‘Midnight Ride’ of April 18th, 1775, to warn of movements by the British army.  75 more words

Today In History

Friday FreeBits--Winter Fire by Kathy Fischer-Brown

Today I’m joining author Ginger Simpson’s Friday FreeBits, six paragraphs from one of my published books.

Below is my entry from Winter Fire, an historical romance set during the American Revolution in upstate New York. 305 more words

Historical Fiction

A Brief Snapshot of Sussex County History

If you go exploring in Sussex County, New Jersey you will find an immense amount of U.S. History.  New Jersey in general has more Revolutionary War history than many people know about.  510 more words

42 Historical Objects, No. 26: Ludwick's Revolutionary War-era bakery molds.

I love it when I can do entries in this series about everyday objects that have become historical by virtue of simply having survived. You wouldn’t expect to see cookie molds among a cache of priceless treasures from the American Revolution, but that’s exactly the case with these. 320 more words