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Indian Famous Shawnee chiefs, leaders, and prophets

Shawnee Chief Cornstalk

Shawnee Chief Cornstalk (aka Keigh-tugh-guawas, Hokoleskwa, Hokolesqua, Wynepuechsika, Peter Cornstalk and Peter Fry) was born in 1720, in Mason County, Virginia (now West Virginia). 2,210 more words


Madame Tussuad: A Novel of the French Revolution by Michelle Moran

I’m just gonna be honest here and admit that I am a MONARCH SYMPATHIZER and I despise how the French Revolution played out. *I’m looking at YOU Thomas Jefferson and Lafayette!* Looking back safely from my cocoon of present-day democratic America,… 12 more words


The Story of "Evacuation Day"

A century after the end of the War for Independence, New Yorkers continued to celebrate a holiday known as “Evacuation Day,” commemorating the leaving of the last British troops from New York City on November 25, 1783. 2,192 more words


The Undeniable Religious Underpinnings of an American Holiday

No Arguments

I don’t want to get into any arguments this Thanksgiving, believe me. I only look forward to meeting with family, eating turkey, along with every imaginable kind of casserole, then later flopping prostrate onto some flat surface to nap through the mythical effects of tryptophan and marshmallows. 1,289 more words


2016 Matt Turner Pumps a Corner at UNC Team Camp

The Culver middie from Evansville, Indiana was all business.

Matt also did this at UNC Team Camp.

The joys of being left handed.

High School


By Raji Singh

We at the Fiction House wish you the best of Thanksgivings!  Here is a bit of our whimsical past.

The Ancient Mariner, the scruffy sea salt who raised my great-great grandfather, told this curious holiday story.  1,003 more words

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