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American Robin #28

Here’s A bird that I don’t post that much and it is the most frequently bird I see, “The American Robin” This one was in my back yard waiting for a good time too go down to the ground and forage.


Robin in Crab Apple Tree

A Robin sits high in a Crab Apple Tree wondering which crab apple to eat first.


Looking Around at the World

A Robin sits high atop a bird feeder, surveying the world around him.


Summer's Winding Down

Robins are supposed to be harbingers of springtime … that time when everything is becoming vibrant and new. This one is tattered, a little tired-looking and worn. 409 more words


Winging Through Wednesday

With the shorter days and cooler temperatures, a lot of our summer flappers are disappearing. Elizabeth says they go south where it is warmer, brighter and there is still plenty of food crawling around for them to eat. 824 more words

On The Campbell 'Estate'


Birds I photographed during my vacation in Washington state:

As you can see, not all are identified. If you have any information, please use the comment field below! 22 more words