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Heads Up

My sister sent me this great photograph of a robin perched on top of a garden ornament. How cute is that?

Robins seem to have an affinity for head-top perches. 16 more words


Protecting the Nest

An American Robin so guardedly protecting the nest …


What it'd take to build a human-sized Robin's nest

Robins may make the work look easy, but in human terms it’s one monumental project.
Wouldn’t it be great to change places with a bird? To fly freely, to perch on the highest branch – even to share the joys of building a nest! 32 more words

July 2014 Birds

I’ve not had that much time to sit outside and photograph birds. Once the nest-building-and-mating seasons are over, there’s fewer birds within range of my lens, and the amount of time required to get interesting photos increases. 1,406 more words

Photography Stuff

Lake Katharine

Last Sunday morning I managed to get up early and find Lake Katharine, which is directly south from where I live. Dick Riner mentioned it to me when I visited Bartel Grasslands, so I decided to check it out. 652 more words


Familiarity Begets Boredom

I have always been an individual that becomes bored with anything I do or sometimes even people I know. It is a curse in a way although it opens me up to new and exciting experiences. 366 more words


Watering the Robins

One of the features missing in our yard is a proper bird bath. I frequently pause in front of bird bath displays at home improvement and garden stores, but I always find an excuse to move on without buying. 141 more words