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American Robin

This species’ often confiding nature, distinctive plumage, pleasing song, and acceptance of human-dominated habitats make it one of the most beloved of North American birds.


Fast Learners

This week’s photo, taken August 11, 2014 in our Northeast Seattle backyard, features a young AMERICAN ROBIN taking a bath.

Several days ago, four fledgling AMERICAN ROBINS made their premiere appearance in our backyard. 280 more words

Joyful Find

I took the camera out with me when I went to the garden last night.   I knew there was a nest in one of our tomato plants and I wanted to get a picture of it. 45 more words

For the record: May 2014 bird behavior

The newspaper coverings I taped to the living room windows blew off yesterday. (I drafted this post on 13 May!) The American Robin is again flying at its reflection upsetting the peace of the house and, I have to believe, reducing its chances to be selected as a mate. 909 more words


The Serenity Of A Forest

I love the robin. Such a simple but beautiful bird.


Heads Up

My sister sent me this great photograph of a robin perched on top of a garden ornament. How cute is that?

Robins seem to have an affinity for head-top perches. 16 more words


Protecting the Nest

An American Robin so guardedly protecting the nest …