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Smooth Sunday - A Birthday Treat For One Of Our Legendary Pros.

Today is the legend that is (The Best Teacher on Strictly) Anton Du Beke’s birthday.

We were tempted to buy him a present, but had problems trying to decide what to buy him. 223 more words


Monday Memories - A journey back to 2005 to watch a sweet and smooth dance!

While the cat’s away (aka Cassie) 🐱, the mouse will play (me) 🐭 which is why for today’s Monday Memory, I’ve shaken it up a bit. 260 more words


Smooth Sunday - We're in an Empire State of Mind

Today is finally the day that we fly off to the U S of A, so I’m leaving you in the very soft and very capable hands of my best friend @SerenePingu. 227 more words


Smooth Sundays - A light, bright dance to make you smile

We have to admit despite a mini heatwave this week, the weather has been pretty miserable this weekend, so for today’s Smooth Sunday fix, we needed a dance to make us smile. 162 more words


Smooth Sunday - A Double Smooth Strictly Fix Just For You!

Today we’ve blended up a fruit Strictly smoothie for you with not 1, but 2 American Smooths from the archives.

Our first dance is dedicated to ”My Girl,” my 4 year old Bella, who’s been so grown-up, brave and just adorable over the last few weeks, I couldn’t resist dedicating a dance especially to her. 227 more words


If I Claim To Be A Wise Man, It Surely Means That I Don’t Know

There is this thought that’s been eating at the back of my brain for a while…

If you hadn’t noticed, I go out social dancing a lot. 1,727 more words


Everyone’s Watching To See What You Will Do

Friday night I went and hung out at the Electric Dance Hall, as I am wont to do of late. They were having their biweekly dance party that I was interested in attending, but I got there earlier to sit in on the International Cha-Cha class that they were holding right before the dance. 1,777 more words