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Thomas Piketty: Did Inequality Contribute to the Financial Crisis?

“In my view, there is absolutely no doubt that the increase of inequality in the United States contributed to the nation’s financial instability. The reason is simple: one consequence of increasing inequality was virtual stagnation of the purchasing power of the lower and middle classes in the United States, which inevitably made it more likely that modest households would take on debt, especially since unscrupulous banks and financial intermediaries, freed from regulation and eager to earn good yields on the enormous savings injected into the system by the well-to-do, offered credit on increasingly generous terms. 388 more words

Political Philosophy

Not Far Enough

I have made a couple of mistakes in recent months, mistakes which have caused me to lose desperately needed sleep, as it is difficult to settle my thoughts and I have obsessive tendencies anyway. 784 more words

From Student To Teacher

Serving God by Being Yourself

As I was driving to work this morning, I caught sight of a bunny having a morning salad in the grass underneath this huge pink Dogwood tree.  968 more words


١٠ أشياء لا يعرفها الأمريكيون عن أمريكا، درس للقارئ العربي

مارك مانسون كاتب، رجل أعمال و مدرب علاقات سابق من الولايات المتحد الأمريكية، يكتب الآن في موقعه الخاص و على مواقع مرموقة مثل هافينجتون بوست 22 more words

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Soylent Green and the Tattooed Man

With the onset of vulgarity we said goodbye to subtlety and with it curiosity, the most fundamental intellectual component of human existence. Ozzie and Harriet were replaced by the Simpsons and the tattooed man on the midway gave way to Grandma with her permanently shaded eyelids and four-year-old great granddaughters with pierced ears and navels. 464 more words


This is from Patriot UpDate.

The whole liberal agenda is based on lies and distortions.

They have learned well from Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. 1,602 more words

The Millennial's Path of Least Resistance

History is the autobiography of a mad man – Alexander Herzen

Millennials… or gen “y’ers” as some call them/us/me. We’re people that are 28ish years old or younger according to one study, which for those of you that aren’t good with math, it’s anyone born after 1985 /86. 1,113 more words