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Budweiser Clydesdales Stroll Along Market and Gay

First introduced in 1933 after the repeal of Prohibition, the Clydesdales have served as a living symbol of not just Budweiser, but the unconquerable American spirit. 86 more words

West Chester

The truth about the borders is coming out

The truth about WHY the borders are not being protected is coming out. Government corruption.  I’m not talking about the Mexican/Guatemalan/El Salvadoran/Honduran governments.  That’s a given. 1,906 more words

American Spirit

What Decency, Authenticity, and Moral Leadership Used to Look Like During a Crisis

From a friend:

This is what decency, authenticity, and moral leadership used to look like during crisis:

Today I immediately thought back to 1983 when the Soviets shot down KAL 007, and I just went back and watched Reagan’s national address on that day. 88 more words

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Baptist Child and Family Services - The entity in bed with the Obama Regime

The Conservative Treehouse’s “Sundance” has done his homework on the international organization known as “Baptist Child and Family Services” that is in cahoots with our federal government, AKA the Obama Regime. 1,274 more words

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Backgrounder on House Lawsuit against Obama

During an exclusive Google Hangout earlier today, renowned constitutional expert and Supreme Court litigator David Rivkin and House Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) discussed the lawsuit being brought against President Obama. 1,520 more words

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OK. I’ve been a Glenn Beck fan since his days in Tampa. Since he did the Rally For The Troops tour. Since his days on CNN and later, on FOX — I watched faithfully. 678 more words

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