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Truth, Justice and the American way...

What is truth? How do you define experience? Who’s to say what I remember and what you remember should be the same, even if we were together experiencing the exact same set of events? 812 more words

Truth, Justice and the American Way

Superman comic books used to be all the craze when I was a kid. I read them. Okay, I looked at the pictures and followed the dialogue. 576 more words


Learning to Count - Equal Pay Day

While learning how to count in elementary school …we also learned who counted.

Instructions in arithmetic, the school books informed the reader, were geared “to help the pupil appreciate the ways in which numbers function in the activities of daily life” and the authors of these mid-century elementary schoolbooks hoped “to give pupils real life problems to solve, problems they would encounter in real life. 368 more words

American Way

…Truth, Justice, and the American Way

The time was June 1938. America was still reeling from years of economic calamity brought on by the Great Depression. War was also in the wind. 480 more words


Travels to Russia

A Soviet Spring Vacation

Sadly spring break in Siberia is now off-limits to Senator John McCain and other US Representatives thanks to Vladimir Putin’s retaliatory sanctions. 864 more words

Vintage Ads

Russia The Hungry Bear

Cold war concerns of  Russian aggression are coming out of the deep freeze.

Russia’s recent  actions in the Ukraine feel straight out of the old Soviet playbook evoking a time when an expansionist Russia was viewed as a “hungry bear” whose insatiable appetite needed to be controlled. 722 more words

American Way