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“One step forward…two steps back.”

Adages are common in every language. Kernels of truth and common sense wrapped in short, sweet bites that hopefully make it easier to swallow than the longer, more complicated, and/or/sometimes/maybe/painful explanations. 442 more words

An Atomic Fairy Tale

1950 was Cinderella’s year.

My mother Betty knew it was an omen. After 6 long years of waiting, Disney’s much anticipated movie, Cinderella was finally opening and now Betty Joseph’s days of waiting were over too- she was getting married. 786 more words

Middle Class


SEPARATE FROM THE WORLD: One business in America is running at full production: the business of turning vice into virtue. The Bible says to “love not the world.” But in America, we call the world “The American Dream” or “Living the good life.” Who are you going to believe: the Bible or Satan? 777 more words

End Time Deception

FInancial Collapse

What kind of a pickle did you get us into this time Ollie? The financial Collapse will happen again. Arm yourself with a fun read. 508 more words

The Most Sexist Ad Ever

When it comes to misogyny in advertising,  1947′s Pitney Bowes Postage Meter ad easily ranks in the top ten.

And that’s saying a lot in a culture that was prolific in… 376 more words

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