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Big Labor Thugs Emboldened by Obama Labor Board

This is from Town Hall.

Barack Obama once said “We’re going to punish our enemies,and We’re going to reward our friends.

This is what the administration is doing by allowing the union thugs run wild and unchecked. 741 more words

7 Ways Corporations Have Betrayed Hard-Working American Workers

Free market idealists argue that capitalism works for anyone with a little initiative and a willingness to work hard. That might be true if job opportunities were available to everyone. 637 more words

Before you ask your boss for a raise, you need to see these charts

The good news in last week’s US jobs was that private sector jobs actually started growing again. But here’s the hard truth: American pay packages still look downright feeble. 260 more words

Inequality for All

The other day I viewed the documentary “Inequality for All” by Robert Reich for the first time on NetFlix.  I was struck by its similarities to articles I have written in past posts such as… 1,065 more words

Social Issues

Immigation and status of illegal immigrants

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Published on Mar 26, 2014

Immigration and giving legitimacy to illegal immigrants. How does not protecting our borders benefits either the employed or unemployed American worker? 31 more words

President Obama


It was 1942, and America was in war for the second time in 20 years to end world dominance by a German nation that was destroying Europe.  496 more words