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I am a woman of disproportionate arrangement

In my mind I’m nothing but a wanderer

I belong to nobody

My home is nowhere

Having never really been surprised… 106 more words


They said I had cried all night

Yet I hardly remember a thing.

Tore off the sleeves of my dress

Then encouraged the strangers to sing. 174 more words


#D is for Daisy Miller

Henry James conceived this fictional character some two centuries ago, roughly in the late 1870’s . Set up in Rome, the novel ‘Daisy Miller’ portrays a delightful female protagonist that remains alive even after two centuries of the death of Henry James himself. 406 more words

Celebrate Authors Event in Longview Texas

The weekend of  April 3-5, 2014, Cathy is attending the “Celebrate Authors Event” at the Public Library in Longview, Texas. Readers will have a chance to get their books signed and to hear one of Texas most celebrated authors live.

Non-fitction Writing

“I don’t know which to take.” I whispered

He slowly shook his head.

But I couldn’t choose between living a life I hated

Or suddenly ending up dead. 114 more words


from My Ears Are Bent by Joseph Mitchell

While I never drink anything stronger than Moxie, I often go to Dick’s to observe life, a subject in which I have been deeply interested since childhood. 486 more words


James Baldwin on the difference between being a preacher and being a writer

The two roles are completely unattached. When you are standing in the pulpit, you must sound as though you know what you’re talking about. When you’re writing, you’re trying to find out something that you don’t know. 31 more words