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100 Happy Days! Day 1: The All American Aisle.

So I’ve finally decided to jump on the 100 happy days bandwagon and try it out for myself! So this is day one! My rediscovery of the AMERICAN AISLE in Tesco’s and the excitement of sweet treats and tea. 120 more words


What I Was Happy and Interested to Find on Spanish, Catholic American History

Before I get into the thick of things, I just thought it would be fun to mention that there are almost an equal amount of English-speaking people and Spanish-speaking people in the world. 4,388 more words


Convenient St Pierre American Professional Series Horseshoes Set

Shopping is one of the many activities people look forward to when they’re traveling. What

While most look for great hotels that will cause them to save a few bucks, some guests still prefer those highly expensive ones. 318 more words

American Sentence

Just learned of a new poetry format that Alan Ginsberg created called the AmericanSentence. It has the same syllable count as a haiku, but must be a full sentence instead. 24 more words


REVIEW: O'Lordans - a wonderful, classic Irish Pub in Westminster

In Westminster to attend the fantastic “Peepshow” sponsored at the downtown arts center and featuring sculptures, dioramas, posters and movies featuring the classic marshmallow Easter “Peeps” candy, we decided to eat at O’Lordans Irish Pub. 779 more words


The Handbook- Coping With Racism Abroad

“It is funny how pain, pressure and struggle often beget unimaginable beauty, and this book is no exception to that concept. This books is was birthed from the struggles and pain that minorities have had to face while seeking wisdom from around the world. 163 more words