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Washing Machines and Globalisation vs. Americanization - originally posted 17 April 2009

I wrote this in response to Mrs Clayton’s appeal to write about Washing Machines.

WTF? How am I going to write about washing machines? I mean really! 477 more words


Globalisation of Media and its effects on the world

‘Globalisation could lead to the homogenisation of world cultures, or to hybridisation and multiculturalism’ (Khorana, 2014)

This statement delivered to us in our second lecture of BCM111 expresses the benefits, disadvantages, concerns and welcoming of globalisation. 451 more words


Homogenisation or McDonaldisation?


It’s a word that gets thrown around quite a lot without any real conjecture on what it actually means, or the repercussions in which it could have. 460 more words


Auntie Doris in the 21st Century #10: The British Way Of Life Is Under Threat!

Back in my day, I used to enjoy my Saturday afternoons. I always used to get the dinner done, eaten, cleared away and all the pots done in time for the wrestling. 716 more words


Is the American Film Industry being 'out-glitzed'?

America- The land of perpetual opportunity and home of the world’s largest burger.

I’m sure it would come as quite a shock to many of my readers to know that America, but specifically Hollywood, has skilfully permeated into the very social and cultural fabrics of society. 682 more words


Dangers of fee deregulation and why 'lecture bashing' should be tolerated

During my undergraduate degree, I studied at the University of Sydney, an institution among Australia’s Group of Eight tertiary education providers. From late-2011 till now, it did and continues to endure significant corporatisation under the mismanagement of Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence, with impending fee hikes and staff dismissals determined by the annual amount of publications that lecturers and tutors can churn out. 839 more words

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