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Human trafficking and economics

I’m not a “math guy” but this makes no sense to me.  The figure bandied about for smuggling a person through Mexico to the United States has been… 295 more words

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Ronald Reagan's revenge... refugees

John Peeler in the L.A. Progressive:

What with all the Republican bloviation about the crisis on our Mexican border, about the hordes of brown children coming across and threatening our National Security, it is easy to lose sight of our own responsibility for this situation.

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Americas (outside U.S. And Mexico)

Pasale, pasale

Meetings this week between the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations and the Vatican Secretary of State… while partially meant to set ground rules for a papal visit (officially, Francis is only a foreign head of state, but with even the left falling all over themselves to show they are not anti-clerical any more, these things get complicated), as well as to attend a conference on dealing with the refugee crisis.  415 more words

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Whatever it takes: the Bishops on the refugee crisis

An important aspect of the Declaration is the joint commitment to eradicate the structural causes who provoke the irregular migration of underage children, creating programs of social and economic development in the communities of origin…

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Oh do not ask us why...

… Salvadorians are having to flee their country.  As if criminality (courtesty of U.S. prison gang MS-13) and the narcotics trade (serving U.S. consumer demand) isn’t enough for that poor country, there is a continuing agricultural crisis, with independent farmers unable to compete with U.S. 174 more words

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