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They just don't get it

Dutch journalist and Mexican resident Jan-Albert Hootsen (who tells me he’s NOT a lefty) on the financial media’s coverage of Latin American politics:

Election logic according to the Financial Times: there’s a recession in Brazil, which now supposedly threatens Dilma’s chances of being re-elected. 304 more words

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"Any place we find peace and work"

From Fusion TV:  Dan Lieberman on San Pedro Sula, which is the most exemplary of places sending migrants to the U.S.

Excellent coverage, although of course, one report can’t cover everything.  161 more words

Crime And Punishment

Human trafficking and economics

I’m not a “math guy” but this makes no sense to me.  The figure bandied about for smuggling a person through Mexico to the United States has been… 295 more words

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Ronald Reagan's revenge... refugees

John Peeler in the L.A. Progressive:

What with all the Republican bloviation about the crisis on our Mexican border, about the hordes of brown children coming across and threatening our National Security, it is easy to lose sight of our own responsibility for this situation.

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Americas (outside U.S. And Mexico)