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OOPS! When the tax-man cometh... you no goeth

From Cuenca Ecuador (not much different from Ajijic or other gringo ghettos  here in Mexico) an object lesson for expats :  if your business model is working with gringos, you have to play by gringo rules.  143 more words

Americas (outside U.S. And Mexico)

Dogs and cats together. Argentines and Brits agree!

Sombrero tip to Inca Kola News:

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez and British Prime Minister David Cameron have both strongly condemned the Crimean referendum as an  illegitimate exercise,  held as it was while there were Russian troops on the ground. 77 more words

Americas (outside U.S. And Mexico)

Check grandma's attic

If you had relatives visiting Mexico City between September 1954 and November 1955, you might want to look through the old family albums. Maybe they bought some photos from a street photographer of some fame. 100 more words

Americas (outside U.S. And Mexico)

By a nose???

What are the chances that the right — at the last minute — has pulled out a victory in El Salvador…. sort of like what happened in Mexico in 2006 (where at least there were more than two parities on the ballot that could siphon off some votes from the left)? 149 more words

Americas (outside U.S. And Mexico)

Best attempt yet at figuring out the Venezuelan opposition

Celina Andreassi, in The Argentina Independent:

What the opposition had in economic power and support from the elites, it lacked in street presence. Here’s where the students come in. 326 more words