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Marty Adler Answers Questions 14 Re Flooding and 15 Re 67 Million Debt

Marty Adler’s first answers to the questions are:

Question 14. Flooding
It is my opinion that once a resident has done all they can to prevent flooding, and flooding still persists during torrential downpours, then the problem lies with the town. 264 more words


UPDATED: Police stand by comments that texting linked to teen's fatal crash

First of all, I want to state my family and I are grateful to the Amherstburg Police Officers that were on the scene at the time of this tragic event. 677 more words


Scott Kendell Answers Questions 14 Re Flooding and 15 Re 67 Million Debt

Scott Kendell’s answers are:

Question 14. Flooding
When you receive 4″ of rain in short period of time storm sewers are overwhelmed you would need bigger storm retention ponds in subdivisions With relief pumps.  104 more words


Question 19 For The Candidates - Financial Accountability

Question 19: submitted via the feedback form, is:

How would you prioritize infrastructure projects in Amherstburg?  How would you fund them? Do you agree or disagree with the decision to not sell the towns share in Essex Power Corp?  62 more words


Dr. C. Lloyd Brown-John’s Questions To The Candidates

The following are Dr. C. Lloyd Brown-John’s questions to the candidates in the upcoming election for Amherstburg and Kingsville and are published here with his permission. 501 more words


Question 18 For The Candidates - Police Contract Poison Pill Clause

Question 18, submitted via the feedback form, is: Do you believe the Poision Pill Clause should be eliminated in the Police Contract in order to get an OPP costing to compare the costs of policicing of OPP versus Amherstburg Police. 25 more words


Councillor Diane Pouget Answers Question 17 - Infrastructure and Services For All of Amherstburg

Councillor Diane Pouget’s answer to Question 17 is:

Council was well aware that many residents outside the core area of Amherstburg felt their needs were being ignored.  89 more words