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Have you noticed that we’re floating in the Universe?

This title is a sentence from the wonderful book: AMI, Child of the Stars that I am currently reading.I highly recommend this book if you want to be uplifted and educated. 1,266 more words


When & Where Can I Buy This Prom Bitch Book?

Millions of people keep asking when my book is coming out! Okay, not really that many people but my mom has a bad memory, so I am writing this quick post. 174 more words


"I Wish Prefecting My Abs Were This Easy" PFW: AMI

AMI means “friend” in french but now on his second runway show Alexandre Mattiussi is positioning himself to be other designers enemy with his breakout standout collections. 281 more words


The list of the sons of Solomon returning (Ezra 2:55-2:58)

“The descendents of King Solomon’s servants were the sons of Sotai, Hassophereth, Peruda, Jaalah, Darkon, Giddel, Shephatiah, Hattil, Pochereth-hazzebaim, and Ami. All the temple servants and the descendents of King Solomon’s servants were three hundred ninety-two.” 82 more words

Week 2: Ami Bhatt

a) Jacqueline Novogratz in her TED talks brings up the question on how to define poverty. What is her answer? What is her main message? 814 more words