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Quest 5.28: Trust, safety, and a preemptive mission

“Are they going to force a confession out of him?” Ami asked after a while of the three of them standing quietly in the waiting room. 1,874 more words


Animation Tutorials from AMI 2014

If you’re interested in learning about the technology and skill involved in creating medical animations, then you should check out these video presentations by our employees from this year’s Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) conference. 39 more words

Medical Animation

Quest 5.27: Pleas falling on deaf ears

(Note: Thanks for your patience, everyone!)

The walk from the Academy to the Council Hall was rather uneventful, all things considered. There were some people who gossiped loudly amongst themselves as they watched the group pass. 2,341 more words


Inner Sailor Scout

Hey everyone! Sailor Moon as been a huge part of my life and my sister’s life because it helped us bond and become close as children. 143 more words


Smart Grid Contracting Strategies

I recently did an internet search on “smart grid contracting strategies” and several similar phrases and nothing came up.  Why is this important topic verboten?  I guess no one wants to talk about this, but it is critical!   1,453 more words


Precious Movie is a Movie app that make up the best of your precious memories based on EXILE ATSUSHI’s new song ! We translate the steps so you can enjoy it. 124 more words