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I made her as a present & as a 1st evr project it’s not that bad…


These were a bespoke project for a colleague who wanted some stocking stuffers for her scientific friends. The brief was “gilson pipettes”, classic blue pipettes and pipette boys.


Heegeldatud mänguasi sobilik nii kassile kui lapsele?

Viimasel ajal on populaarsust kogunud ka heegeldatud mänguasjad, nende müümine ja õpetustega äritsemine. Proovisin siis ka mina selles valdkonnas möödunud talvel kätt.

Minu esimeseks proovitööks sai hiir. 190 more words


Crocheting with beads

This is the method I use for adding bead eyes to my amigurumi, I use a 0.6mm crochet hook but there is an alternative method using dental floss or (as I used) thick nylon thread. 203 more words

Knitted beanstalk

I think you know his name.

I had an ambition to create the scene from “Jack and the beanstalk”, but how would I do that? “It is a bit difficult because there is a scale issue.” my son had said. 257 more words


Hello all! I hope you are enjoying summer as much as I am :-)
Today I harvested the first plot of our vegetable garden – the carrots. 225 more words


Spencer the Spider

I’m not usually a fan of spiders at all, but I was out cleaning the shed today and bumped into this little fella. I’ve got to admit, he doesn’t look as scary as some spiders that I’ve seen (well, maybe those fangs….) 272 more words

Crochet Pattern