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Amish moms be like

My kids just threw away bubble wrap without popping it. I’m raising animals.

Lara L’Amish


Dual sport ride, May 1st and 2nd

Plans arre complete for a dual sport ride taking you through the back roads of beautiful Holmes County, Ohio. Go to hermotorcycle.com to register! 123 more words



Welcome to my Blog Relay. I’m so glad you’re here today. I thought it would be great fun to share with you one of my favorite scenes from my latest book, Courting Emily. 299 more words



We Were Very Worried about the impending Frenchtoastpocalypse, and the media frenzy that came With it Was quite the eye-opener.  Lines around the block at the Union Square Trader Joe’s, entire shelves of milk and bread Wiped clean, Virtually nothing left over.   348 more words

Amish moms be like

I refuse to be impressed with technology until I can turn my whining kids to vibrate.

Lara L’Amish


Amish Paradise

As I was on my way to work this morning, I got stuck behind a horse and buggy, which made me late.

Me being late is besides the point I guess…but anyway… I go to school in a city where there’s an Amish community near me, so I see Amish people all the time. 121 more words

Chapter Fifty-five

Peking High School, Peking, Michigan 15 September 2015

Mark walked down the crowded hall, rocking out to Whitesnake as he was wont to do, wearing his old school Oakleys on his way to his locker, when he noticed a man in black waiting for him. 902 more words