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Just Announced: Dillinger Escape Plan/Tera Melos/Vattnet Viskar Are Coming to Long Island

Do you like:

Black metal?
Math rock?

Do you live near Amityville, NY?

If so, do we have a treat for you.

The Dillinger Escape Plan, Vattnet Viskar, and (personal favorite of yours truly) Tera Melos have recently announced their US tour which kicks off April 27th, and will be making a stop at Revolution in Amityville on Friday, May 9th. 70 more words


The Night the DeFeos Died

Short review today, so you’ll thank me for quickly letting you get on with your reading. Considering this book is true crime, I can’t write this review in my new format, because spoilers. 91 more words

The Paranormal

The Tuesday Roundup

The Monday Tuesday  roundup is your handy little guide to everything movie related. Including the best of the weekend’s news, what’s new on DVD & Blu-Ray & what you can look forward to at the cinema this week.

Film News

Incoming Legion


Down a pit called Amityville
The government crawling after
Were curses to the family blood line

Now in a still which would be after my death
I see my mother curled up in her nest
Snatching things from all sides
Addressing the human race
Snatching this and snatching that
Demanding this and staring straight
Sad when I tell her no
She scrambles that I surely would
I am her some sort of servant

The humans are gathered round while another stands guard
They are waiting for the great presentation that they own Heaven and Hell
Like politics rolling on the televisions that they own the Earth between
And angry elves with orbs held high, that they rule the land, "strike the daemon down"
And elvan men smiling
Interrupts me to tell me she has no orb - and that they like to party
Snorting of this and snorting of that each it's hip askew
Celebrating the Middle Earth of London

All gather round the queen - and remember us the Monarchy came from Xioliablue things

And the ugly human men rape throughout the day
Claim it is payment for their overbearing stay
And the horses trollop sideways splicing up life
And critters of all variety with store kibble for delight
Destroy the Queen of God's throne so all humans can call Earth home
And the human race in fight

The other sorts of sexual come above my head
Curtsy to my freedoms, curtsy until I'm dead
But your brother never stops his licking
And all the people proud
And George with a number stood from the crowd, 
From the barn the British roar
To take back the Americas from a feeble whore

The grand display was built in Rome
Where the grande had once crossed pass
And Caesar with his capitalism
And armies with better mask
He kicked me out when he took her in
And left me to die
Returned to a public side
To let them all cry
And the people staggered forward to end my life

And the merchants in Persia would forever rule with Pirates

The doctors of Annaliessa writing in her bed
In orgasmic jumps must be lost in her head
Gathers my limbs for television to a man I hate
Claiming I am paster or priest or doctor and this is Xioliablue's gate
And let the man from the City of Industry back into my vagina
To hold his television as if I'm discovered from the depths
Of newly named Neverwinter - a place I can't forget
And the legion is coming in circles resting from below
Helping all the humans as if I didn't know
And the humans hide in shadows, and this is what they said:
"We are not the human race, the fucking human is dead"
His face as a child in an asylm
And gathering round they are wait
To end my life and grab a plate
And fuck until the winter ends

S.S. - Oyster Bay

In conjunction with his #1stand15th series, S.S. delivers once again – this time around with a laid back groove titled Oyster Bay.

The Amityville rapper gets a bit cocky on this track with his mentions of traveling around the world and being overwhelmed by the amount of women who desire him. 56 more words

Gen. Y Collective

The Haunting in Amityville - Hooey or True Horror?

The Amityville Horror is one of those stories that’s a part of the American conscience.

So many of us have seen the movie(s), read the books, or, at least, heard the stories. 1,048 more words

General Awesomeness

Movie Trends: Mirrors of Death!!!

The other day, when I was watching all the lousy previews before a really mediocre movie (the 300 sequel), I noticed a bizarre pattern of movies involving an evil mirror. 336 more words