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Crucial to Remember

In these trying times, there is something crucial to remember.
When you turn on the news and wonder where the good is, there is something crucial to remember. 223 more words


Happy Birthday Dawn

Today is my wife, Dawn’s birthday. I was trying to figure out a way to say Happy Birthday but the folks at Hallmark did it better. 14 more words


God's Illustrations

Of course we know that God is the Creator of all there is, but have you ever considered that God is an illustrator? It’s true. Look at your Bible and you will see illustrations all over it. 407 more words


Tonight's Worship Painting

I painted as part of our Maundy Thursday Love Feast service at Ephrata Church of the Brethren. I wasn’t sure what to call it, a friend called it The Father’s View. 17 more words


Tell a Better Story and Make it Funny

When it comes to bringing humor to the faith related questions of the day, few people do it better than Brad Stine. He’s edgy, pulls no punches and his style is thoroughly unique. 233 more words


GOD First

You may not consider yourself a minister. You may think that title is reserved for the person who stands in your pulpit and preaches. The truth is anyone who serves is by literal interpretation a minister. 412 more words


OOC: Amok and MCE Teaser

A teaser for MCE combat and Amok vehicle fans of future things to come – straight from Aeon Voom’s digital feeds is below:

MCE Will Continue to Improve… 449 more words