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Some Days We Could Use a Few More Elephants

This happened at the zoo in Zurich. It’s a friendly reminder of what we should probably do when someone needs our help.

Don’t forget… Some Days We Could Use a Few More Elephants.


How Far?

The other morning I was on my way to work when this song came on the radio. Now you know I love when people tell a great story and this is a great one. 463 more words


Yes, We're Open!

I saw one of those church signs with the interchangeable letters that kind of amused me. It said:

(Name of Church)-Now open between Christmas and Easter! 390 more words


ALBUM REVIEW: Thom Yorke- 'Tomorrow's Modern Boxes'

Ah, would you look at that another. Another surprise album! However in comparison to some of the surprise album releases I talked about, this new 8 track, 38 minute long release from Thom Yorke, seems to have a different purpose altogether. 898 more words



Yesterday, I launched into a bit of a diatribe about dialogue and how obedience is better. You may have wondered why I went there. Well here’s the truth, for those of us entrusted to leadership, obedience is key. 276 more words



Why is it we think any time we have a controversial decision in the church, that we have to have a dialogue? We gather together to try to determine what we think as if it matters. 332 more words



This is the title slide to my newest presentation entitled Nothing… Much like Seinfeld was a show about nothing, my new presentation is about nothing… About now you might be wondering why on earth you should bring me in to talk about nothing. 76 more words