Watch "YotaPhone 2 hands-on" on YouTube

A dual-sided phone, AMOLED screen on one side, e-ink on the other. Gimmick or innovation? Innovation I think but will it catch on? Only at the right price. 7 more words

Samsung responds to rumours of using recycled AMOLED screens on new smartphones

A person claiming to a Samsung Electronics employee posted a video, revealing that the Korean tech giant uses recycled Super AMOLED screens on brand new smartphones. 151 more words

Samsung denies cheating you with cheaper recycled AMOLED smartphone displays

Samsung has been recently accused of using recycled AMOLED displays in Galaxy smartphones on certain sites, where an alleged former employee said the company is using sub-par displays on some mobile devices, posting some supporting evidence, which has been since removed, as… 170 more words


"Ever wondered, what if the phone EDGE too was A display screen?Samsung knocked it down! "

The revolutionary design of samsung came in the form of Galaxy Note EDGE,with its display screen extended even to the edges of the phone.Advanced S-pen,quality camera,multi tasking on same screen and fastest battery charging experience are the concluded highlights.The more you know ,the more you fall for it.Black and White are prominent colors available with price around 55k. 379 more words

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Specs Explained: Display Technology

Plenty of spec sheets list out abbreviations for the display at hand on a device. However, no one really goes into detail to explain what each is or the advantages or disadvantages of the tech. 975 more words

Camera or Phone? Here you have both merged into new Galaxy S4 Zoom

The Samsung came up with an Ultimate camera Smartphone with advanced zoom of 10x.Its exclusively a camera oriented phone with all recent Smartphone qualities. Available in two color options are Black and White. 384 more words


Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4

Samsung presents its next generation, Galaxy Note 4 with extra large screen providing variant color viewing experience taking to next level. The S pen is introduced with enhanced sensitivity. 363 more words

Quad Core