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Greek Week [Amorgos]

Our third port was Amorgos.  The moment we stepped off the boat, we were welcomed into a local seafood restaurant.  The table was set and within minutes it was piled high with plates of octopus, calamari, hand other Grecian dishes. 160 more words


Adam says I’m not sick. Who knows for sure? (chapter XIV)

“OK, what it is I like really is women’ass. The most beautiful thing in the world is a female nude body and, among her, the ass in general, the anus in particular, is to me the most exciting and desired part”. 2,088 more words


Photo by Kyriaki Dragona 

At first, this is what Adam said

Writing about women is just about what’s left for me. I don’t fuck them anymore, or so few of them, and so far apart. Considering the billions of them on this planet, in all truth, I’m a loser. 555 more words