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Oscars 2014: Best Foreign Language Film Shortlist

And here’s what should be our final shortlist.

Best Foreign Language Film — I don’t put much stock into this category. Because there are always about 10-15 foreign films you hear about over the course of the year, and only like four of even ever make the shortlist. 424 more words


Oscars 2014: Best Makeup & Hairstyling Shortlist

Another day, another shortlist.

We’re almost done. I think it’s just Foreign Language that’s still to come.

This one’s nice and easy. Seven shortlisted films, of which three will be nominated. 518 more words


Oscars 2014: BFCA (Critics Choice) Nominations

The Critics Choice nominations are out. At first glance, these don’t sound like anything important, but they’ve proven to be a sneaky relevant awards show. Actually more so than the Golden Globes. 2,766 more words


Oscars 2014: Best Original Song Eligibles

This is one of my favorite articles to write every year. I love looking up all the Original Song contenders and listening to them.

Here’s how I do this: I go through all the songs, one by one — this year, there are 79 songs eligible — listen to them, rate them out of five, talk about their likelihood of being nominated, and then when I’m done, guess which are most likely to make the final list. 4,662 more words


Oscars 2014: Best Original Score Eligibles

We’re almost done with our shortlists. By my count, there are only four left that are to come out, including this one. And another one is right behind this, and will be posted soon. 2,812 more words


Oscars 2014: Screen Actors Guild Nominations

Oh boy. The first big set of nominations are here. (And are gonna be followed almost immediately by the second.)

The SAG Awards are a big deal. 2,641 more words


Oscars 2014: National Board of Review Winners

Not gonna lie to you — in the entire Oscar season, this is one of my five favorite days. I don’t care about the Golden Globes, or the SAG Awards. 1,898 more words