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VHT Special 6 Mods

I got this amp awhile back, I finally had a chance to work on it this week – starting with a few simple mods to the output stage: 135 more words


The Bottom End

Here’s a rundown of my bass rig – it’s pretty straightforward really:

I play a Vintage EST95A 5 string bass – it’s a musicman lookalike and while the low B doesn’t see all that much action for covers for original material I always liked that extra low end. 236 more words


Manley Neo-Classic 500 monoblocks

http://goo.gl/TWWOu4 Read here

‘Don’t be in hurry in judging the Manley 500 monoblocks. They need a long and patient run-in of about one hundred hours, during which you will have all the time to appreciate the gradual sound improvement and learn how to live with them happily”


Naim DAC-V1 Digital To Analogue Converter/NAP100 Power Amplifier REVIEW

http://goo.gl/tyQJZ4 Read Here

“I ran my well-used set of Sennheiser HD650 ‘phones into the DAC-V1 with my Marantz SA8260 SACD player again connected to one of the optical inputs. 75 more words



Lillkapsa sushiga olen kokku puutunud varemgi toortoidu kokaraamatus. Samas kasutavad ka paleotoitumise pooldajad riisi asemel sageli riivitud lillkapsast. Leian, et see on geniaalne! Eriti seepärast, et minu kehatüübile (kapha ayurveda süsteemis) riis tegelikult ei sobigi. 179 more words