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“in his cursory evaluation, Scot noted that the amp seemed to suffer from a slight suckout in the midrange and lower treble registers”


NewClear Audio NC1000L Class D Stereo Power Amplifier - Review

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“NewClear Audio was started by Sean Brady to improve upon the sound of existing switching amplifiers. Sean had heard some very good amps based on ICEPower technology, but thought he could do even better. “


Wall mount portable PA system

Karak Electronics was founded in 1977 as a manufacturer of electronic components. Karak Electronics develops and sells total PA system solutions including hardware such as amps, digital network devices, and speaker systems as well as software. 199 more words

KOTRA Awards

B.M.C. Audio PureAmp Integrated Amplifier NEW

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” A variety of inputs and outputs — including XLR, RCA and optical
connections — help the PureAmp take advantage of its advanced technologies.”


Introducing the KT88se amplifier

Ladies and gentlemen ! Let us proudly introduce you to our very first amplifier designed from the ground up to showcase the mighty KT88 power output valve. 767 more words


Monitor Audio Introduces A100 Music Streamer/Amplifier

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” The A100 includes a remote control and can be laid flat or stood on end (as shown here) with the supplied stand. 18 more words


Rotel RA-1570 Review

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“I t took all of about 90 seconds for us to fall in love with the RA-1570. It may not be a perfect integrated amplifier, but it sure gets close, and in all but the most demanding listening situations, it is bound to thrill.