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Peavey Revalver 4 Review - Part 5: More Peavey Amps

Like Amplitube, Revalver gives you a choice on how to add amps and effects to the basic free package. Bought individually these come to a not-unreasonable $7.99 per amp and $3.99 per effect, the $99 Producers Bundle gives you just about everything, which is not a lot of money considering the sheer amount of content. 759 more words


Let's do this, shall we?

Well. Here I am.
I decided to give blogging a shot, in the hopes that maybe (just maybe) something I write as I progress through my days will connect with someone out there, and that maybe (just maybe) I would be able to help said person in some way. 507 more words


Ugly Amps!

Made right here in Ephrata Pa, Steve and Lou have agreed to partner up and make these available through Roxy!


Right, now here come the amps, the meat of any ampsim package. I’d always liked the tone of Revalver in the past so lets see how it comes up against it’s rivals.

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