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Pass Laboratories Xs 300 Amplifiers $85,000 per pair - Review

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“High performance and exotic materials have been utilized like gain stages with ceramic circuit boards and gold plating, motherboards made of immersion gold and Panasonic Megtron for low transmission loss, Plitron transformers for the very lowest hum specifications, matched Toshiba Jfet inputs and Mosfet outputs, and ginormous storage capacitance and regulation”



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” Putting on ‘The Expert’ by Yello results in a lovely low end grumble in the bass and a massive soundstage, with as much width as the room can contain, and genuine rhythmic precision. 38 more words


Pass Labs Xs-150 Amplifier Review

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” The Xs-150 tandem has no real sonic flaws, or any ergonomic negatives as well. Besides its astronomical price, the biggest negative is the heat. “


Solar cell simulation software

Recently I have encountered a problem on how to simulate and calculate the efficiency of a solar cell. Obviously, there should have been some solutions and libraries to do that. 68 more words


SOLAR BA5 1001200 Cold Cranking Amps Electronic Battery Tester Aspects

Question: That indicates the battery is damaged. Please use a normal battery instead. That occurs rarely and is possibly caused by technical faults arising from short-circuit protection of the… 332 more words


Devialet 400 Mono Integrated Amplifier-DACs Reviews

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” There’s a chance that the Devialet 400s aren’t for you. Do you roll tubes in your electronics, looking for that sublimely sweet sound? 39 more words