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Musical Fidelity V90-AMP and V90-DAC REVIEW

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“Finding musical satisfaction away from one’s main system is a hit-and-miss proposition. The combination of Musical Fidelity’s V90-AMP and V90-DAC makes that time more pleasant.”


Critical Reboot Required!

You may have read, even right here on this very blog, that AMP-based heals do not crit.  But for every rule, there is an exception, and for this rule the exception is Reboot.  233 more words

Red Dragon AudioM500 and M1000 MkII Amplifiers Review

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“My experience with amplifiers has been somewhat better than the doldrums above, but I’ll admit without reserve that amplifiers seem to be an odd species of musical necessity.”


NAD All-New Master Series with BlueOS

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?The M17 is a no-compromise multi-channel preamp design that provides the highest level of performance in multi-channel / surround applications. Dolby TrueHD, DTS Master Audio and NAD’s innovative EARS (stereo-to-surround) circuits are included.


Resonessence Labs INVICTA Mirus Review

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“Take that purists! With 24-bit/96kHz PCM, I have a hard time qualitatively separating the (analogue) output of the PS Audio and the Mirus – they both sound as if each were cut from similar cloth”


another Laney AOR Series 'Pro Tube Lead' amp in our workshop

Hello and welcome to the blog. Once again we have completed major repairs to a Laney (UK) “AOR Series” amplifier – model name Pro Tube Lead… 685 more words


Hegel Music Systems H80 Integrated Amplifier-DAC Review

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“With true hi-rez, reference-quality recordings, such as those from the 2L label, the R900s sounded pristine driven by the H80. Doug Schneider calls Ola Gjeilo’s Stone Rose (24/96 FLAC, 2L/HDtracks) one of the best-sounding recordings of an acoustic piano around”