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What to do with the characters....

I am sure all of us writers have this problem.  We are constantly creating characters to interact with the our main character, our protagonist as the technical ones would say.  407 more words

Writing Process


Still trying to wade through our terrible mess.
The ache isn’t leaving.
The pain isn’t less.



Ragdoll arms on puppet strings
dancing; strung along.

My soldier, hero
little plaything.
Open up our music box
play my favourite song.

round and round and round it spins… 73 more words


On Frustration.

This entry will be a little more personal, I guess.

Last night, I reached a breaking point with my first MS. I wanted to forget about it, delete it, rip my hair out, etc. 335 more words

The Paul Petty?? Um, okay.

So I was working on my new YouTube channel and was trying to figure out what channel name I’m going to use. Seeing as Paul Petty and PaulEPetty were ineligible, I couldn’t think of any good names, and then, seeing if another name would work (and it was a weird and random try at first), I accidentally set the channel name, and now it can’t be changed.  14 more words

It’s finished! And now onto the next one.


My second short story of the year entitled ‘A night like any other’, is finally finished. I continued with the third person view point and it seemed to work. 384 more words


Inperitive Eyes

The damn toaster is set at two.  That won’t do.  Turn it to three at least.  Not five – unless burnt toast is the goal for starting the day?  623 more words