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Affect, effect

Does it reach in and
twang a nerve?
Play fiddle
with strung emotion?
Expand your heart
with pulsing love?
Let me watch,
poetry in motion


Just Some Ramblings

In just a few days, I start my first semester as a grad student at Rowan University. Just the anticipation made me think about how different I am now, then when I started college back in 2005. 587 more words


The Weather In Review

Tucson, Arizona: August 17

As you were leaving, it rained like hell–quickly and violently. It was the first time it had rained like that in months and would be the last time for a while. 150 more words



I shudder to think what cretin dreams

of floral sheets and empty memories

of fuzzy slippers, pajamas of fleece

and hushed voices 

speaking of disease… 80 more words

A Writer's Superstition

I recently read an interview with John Green where he said that when he’s working on a novel and people ask him what it is about, he’ll lie to them. 332 more words


The Entity

As many of my colleagues know, I am a huge fan of horror. When experienced in the right setting, horror has the ability to terrify you and also make you laugh at yourself for becoming so scared. 457 more words