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It fell together before her eyes.

The granules of failure, together with a liquid made from flaws.

Geometrically pleasing bricks created hence.

She blinked, blinked again… 55 more words

The Pen: Another Tale of Procrastination

I have been obsessed with office supplies, namely pens for as long as I can remember. There was the time that we were promised a trip to Toys R Us where we were going to be able to pick out anything that we wanted. 946 more words


WARNING - Yep, over there on the right

Am thinking of creating another blog and a pen name for my erotica.  What do you think?

I do love writing it but to look at me you wouldn’t think I was capable and because of the Country I live in and my work environment, I have a feeling I should distance myself from it a bit. 197 more words

Rosalind Nazilli

He Is Peacefulness

He is Peacefulness

He calms me
When the sand
Is soiled with my
Searing tears.
He calms me
When I can
No longer take
Constant ribbons of pain… 35 more words


One Hundred Days

Apparently as of tomorrow (Monday) there are one hundred days left of the year.


a.) that’s awesome, because it means Christmas is less than one hundred days away. 335 more words

Crossroads: A Poem

Decisions, and/or

lingering spirits lodged

in movement.

Pain and misunderstandings

born in different ages,

buried markerless,

wait for closure,

for finality,

for someone new

to bear… 48 more words


The pieces of egg slathered bread were sizzling in the pan. Going to war would be even better, though.

“You’re going to need to flip it soon,” said Al. 487 more words

500 Words A Day