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Day 16: Is That Thunder? No, Just Breakfast by Antosh Wojcik

This tank is my lung, built with stretch ceiling, so the panes react well to exterior air, so that I will too when I am exhaled. 176 more words


Day 15: And Your Name Is… Wait… I’ve Forgotten It Before, Wait… by Antosh Wojcik

De ja vu is a workshop for men who play amnesia when the yesterday girl arrives

Fish Fingers doesn’t get the amount he says he does his handshakes flake off in your palm… 159 more words


Day 14: I Paid For Limbo, Frank Sinatra Wasn’t There by Antosh Wojcik

Commuter claps cross-chatter
in the busker graveyard. I am harp sober
from naked piano lessons,
taught Fiddlesticks but left my fingers
in the wrong place. The underground… 68 more words


poetry: rain-full

poetry: rain-full

knees bare, cleats under

on soaked pitch

puddles and mud cover

the green pitch

whether midfielder or striker

on the big pitch

the ball rolls ‘round over… 11 more words


Day 13: Everyone Can Fix Elevators, Foot Rockets, Reverse Falls by Antosh Wojcik

Passing Roast Peanut guy, he tells me
he used to sell zeppelins, his collection
has become a lot smaller now, he will
let me hot-air-balloon anywhere, … 148 more words


Day 12: Unintended Inset Days, Better Fire Up Escapism Consoles by Antosh Wojcik

When the lab assistant
was murdered by her husband
near the band-saw building
I cut people’s outlines in,
I thought about the day off school… 107 more words


It doesn’t look too bad after all.



Following on from last time, I’ve started to write the beginning of the end of my short story ‘A night like any other’. It’s a story of two complete strangers and how they eventually meet and fall for each other over the course of one night out written from the first person perspective of each of the characters alternately. 310 more words