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life lines

She is a castaway clinging

To a boyfriend sweater

Oversized and smelling vaguely of

A love sinking

A life preserver keeping

Her head above water… 26 more words

Amy Gleeson

he made me love him

that man

that man made me love him

not with a finger snap

or firm voice but with

a gaze that said

i am paper inside… 77 more words

Amy Gleeson

he is the rain

i was cracked lips and parched

throat drying out under

the sun

shriveling and shrinking

when the clouds came

with him

with that arrival it was… 87 more words

Amy Gleeson

ghost girl

he loves the idea of me

the sadness that blossoms like

a late rose in June inside

my fingernails

and they rake my skin leaving… 167 more words

Amy Gleeson