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There There, Wolf

Now, if Bobby were more of a Small Town America kind of werewolf with a cute werewolf dad and friends with wacky names (Boof!) then it would go something like this… 61 more words

An American Weirwolf In London 5: Jason Takes Manhattan

The shadows lengthened in Sam Boyname’s apartment, over the big oval rug on the dull hardwood. Garcia’s intestines had also lengthened, as he had somehow scored dope while undead and nodded off, leaving his exposed guts to be chewed on by Otis. 1,048 more words

An American Weirwolf In London 4: Mission To Moscow

“What did you say, Garcia?”

“You have to kill yourself, Bob.”

“But I don’t want to. You’re dead, and you look like shit.”

It was true: Garcia looked like shit. 673 more words

An American Weirwolf In London 3: Dream Warriors

Bobby had the same dream every night. He was back at high school, or boy scout camp. And then he was at a show, maybe? And he was trying to find some alone time for a little nookie, but he can’t and then the semester’s over. 507 more words

An American Weirwolf In London 2: The Bobbening

Bobby woke up on white sheets with the gunshots still ringing in his ears. The sheets were on a simple metal bed. The thick rubber feet of the bed’s legs were on checkered tile, black and white. 376 more words

An American Weirwolf In London

They found no hospitality in the pub–the beers were warm, their money wasn’t accepted–just as they had found none on the drive up, every other car on the road was on the wrong side of the road. 675 more words

My last opportunity to be bored and thoughtless.

I have always said that as an adult you should never ever be bored, surely being bored is the domain of young children and surly teenage angst?  1,116 more words