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The Castrated Elixir

Work is getting in the way. I have turned into a morning writer. Not by choice, it’s just When I wake up all I want to do is spill words on to the page. 460 more words

An Authors Life

Don’t Sweat the Petty Things, and Don’t Pet the Sweaty Things

I have been forced to write in my underpants. I have no choice. It is either that or I sweat all over the keyboard. Which would you prefer? 312 more words

An Authors Life

Happy Independence Day Cover Reveal

Getting a novel published is a roller coaster ride. Transforming a finished manuscript into a book people can read is a six-month journey filled with highs and lows. 622 more words

After Christmas Eve

Magic under the peepal tree

India. The thought of it creates such vivid images of gods, curry, and poverty. To me, it’s been home every summer for the past twenty years. 408 more words

An Authors Life

Finding Myself as a Writer

What kind of books do you write?

That’s the first question I get when someone finds out I’m an author. “Writing stories true enough for government work” is my tagline, but says little about my novels.  454 more words

M-m Romance

The view from my writing desk this week

This is the view from the place where I have been writing for the past few days – wild, bleak, and utterly beautiful, on the coast of Suffolk, the easternmost county of England. 650 more words

An Author's Life

Highlands Games make Great Research Trips

After writing several novellas about Scottish dragons, I wanted to use my love of modern Scottish Highland Games to weave tales full of witches, time travel, and ancient Highlanders. 430 more words

An Authors Life