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I’ve been recruited into a game of blog tag by my friend Taryn at taylorhartbooks.com. She is an awesome writer who I met at a writing conference last summer. 685 more words

An Author's Life

Monster Plant - Night-blooming Cereus by Dawn Marie Hamilton

One of the things I enjoy doing when not writing is gardening. Whether outside or inside, I adore plants. All kinds of plants. From the most common to the exotic. 174 more words

An Authors Life

Why Paranormal Romance?

Why Paranormal Romance?

By Caryn Moya Block

So many fans and family members have asked me, why paranormal romance, why not normal romance? I would have to answer, because I can’t write anything but, paranormal. 545 more words

Paranormal Romance

The life of an author as lived by his wife (or husband)

Today was not a good day for writing. I woke up early, as usual, to do some writing, but a myriad of things required my attention, breaking my concentration. 1,433 more words


Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

Summer is officially over, but the days are still sunny and the nights just right.  While writing and editing in a quiet corner of my home, or out on my deck, I find I keep thinking of how I got to this moment in time…September 2014. 306 more words

An Authors Life

Forcing Myself To Take a Break

In four days, I’ve typed 7 chapters on Butchered Dreams.  This has been in spite of the migraine that has existed for ten days now.   89 more words

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"How Much Do You Love Me?" Blog Tour

A great read!

Book Summary:

As the phone continued to ring, Kazuko bent over and picked up the cardboard. Fingers shaking, she steadied herself against the counter and stared. 364 more words

An Author's Life