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The 2 Minute Marriage Project Blog Tour

I am as skeptical as the next person about a marriage advice book that offers 2-minute solutions. BUT – after reading this book, I agree with the author, Heidi Poelman, that maintaining a marriage takes time – … 434 more words

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Forcing Myself To Take a Break

In four days, I’ve typed 7 chapters on Butchered Dreams.  This has been in spite of the migraine that has existed for ten days now.   89 more words

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"How Much Do You Love Me?" Blog Tour

A great read!

Book Summary:

As the phone continued to ring, Kazuko bent over and picked up the cardboard. Fingers shaking, she steadied herself against the counter and stared. 364 more words

An Author's Life

Willow Springs Blog Tour

Back Cover

Husbands. Crissa had to suppress a shudder at the thought. If I had wanted a husband, I would have stayed in Boston. Indeed, Crissa considered Willow Springs to be the nearest thing to her idea of purgatory. 305 more words

An Author's Life

Ten things that authors hate to hear

 I really love meeting readers because they provide insights that I have never considered before.

But sometimes readers – usually unthinkingly – say things which aren’t quite so encouraging. 846 more words

An Author's Life

My New Brand

A few years ago, I naively believed an author’s only job was to write stories. The lucky few who hit the big time could add interviews and appearances to the job description. 478 more words

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One Dirty Bowl Blog Tour Schedule and Updates

I want to take a moment to thank those who have already posted for the blog tour. It’s been so fun to see what ya’ll think of the cook book and to share is your culinary adventures. 264 more words

An Author's Life