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nhân chuyện con người và con chó

tuần rồi nổi lên hai chuyện mà tui thấy nó hơi bị rần rần trên mạng. đó là chuyện con chó và chuyện quyển sách, đối tượng liên quan đến cả 2 chuyện đó là con người (dĩ nhiên!) hôm nay bàn về chuyện con chó trước vậy! 1,067 more words


Aqua Quorum Cologne by Antonio Puig, 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Aqua Quorum Cologne by Antonio Puig 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for MenLaunched By The Design House Of Antonio Puig In 1994, Aqua Quorum Is Classified As A Refreshing, Spicy, Lavender, Amber Fragrance. 23 more words

矮 (ǎi) - 爱 (ài) - 安 (ān)

矮 (ǎi)

Bajo de estatura y/o condición.

矮人(ǎi rén) Persona baja; 矮墙 (ǎi qiáng) Muro bajo, parapeto

Se forma con el radical 矢 (shǐ) que quiere decir flecha, y 委 (wěi) que significa encomendar, delegar. 69 more words

Interesting clothing choice (19 photos)

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Winter in Spring

Winter In Spring

Yes that is correct.  This was just yesterday 4/15/2014.  I have no words, literally.


Gotta tell you … that smiley is only there because it was all melted today even though it was only 35 degrees.  I love WI.

POD (Photo O Day)

It's never too late

These ladies are adorable, and I want to be their friend.  A good reminder that life doesn’t stop at a certain age. Always have dreams and go after them!


Take off!

Vodafone, a telecommunications company, wants to help people to do things for the first time. They asked An en Ria from The Netherlands what they would like to do and they both wanted to be on an airplane, because they didn’t fly before. 51 more words