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What does it mean to be Anabaptist today?

Classes are over for the semester. My online experiment with my Anabaptist class was not a great success. Although students may be communicating electronically, they have chosen not to do this with their professor. 499 more words

Available Now: A Living Alternative

I invite you to check out a new book that was just released, A Living Alternative: Anabaptist Christianity in a Post-Christendom World. It was a honor to contribute a chapter to this anthology, joining co-authors A.O. 67 more words


Book Release: A Living Alternative

I am a MennoNerd, and we MennoNerds have just published a book! It’s called A Living Alternative and is about Anabaptist Christianity in a Post-Christendom world. 333 more words

Church & Theology

Who Should Attend Church?

I recollect a while back I had a discussion vis-à-vis the Lord’s Supper and who should partake of it. The majority in the conversation felt like communion should be open and I felt to the contrary. 638 more words


Communism 1530s-style

Some of the Anabaptists practiced communism (a.k.a. community of goods). But the administration of goods was not always done fairly or to good effect. A man named Reublin wrote (26th January 1531) complaining about Wiedemann: 158 more words

False Prophecy of Christ's Return

(Anabaptist John Hut) construed the Turkish inroads into Christendom as a sign of Christ’s imminent return. Appealing to Revelation 13 and Daniel 12, he interpreted the traditional figure of three and one half to mean that three and one half years – either from the recent restitution of believers’ baptism or from the outbreak of the Peasants’ War— had been given by the Lord during which the good news of a saving repentance could still be proclaimed.

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Interpretation Of Scripture

Following Jesus - Anabaptist Perspectives

On Saturday my friends and I at SimplyChrist spent time with a group of young Christian leaders on a Ghanaian university campus talking about discipleship. It was indeed a refreshing moment helping to reorient the minds of these such young students on how integral discipleship was to being a Christian, and discussing the challenges they faced in trying to be disciples in their own setting as students on campus. 1,364 more words