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One of the Reasons Why I Love the Anabaptists

There is a story found in The Chronicle of the Hutterian Brethren that makes me laugh every time I run across it that exemplifies the boldness of the Anabaptists even under the threat of death. 370 more words


Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus

As regards the relationship of salvation and the “Church”, the Magisterial Reformers taught “extra Ecclesiam nulla salus” that is “outside the Church there is no salvation”. 1,541 more words


Ten Reasons Why the Catholic View on the Early Church is Wrong

Christian primtivism is the logical idea that the church Jesus founded was the church He wanted. It’s connected to the idea of restorationism, that teaches that we should restore Church to its original form when it starts to behave weird and contradict Scripture. 2,390 more words

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Anabaptists: Proto-Arminians?

This morning I received a tweet regarding something I stated in a previous post. The tweet says:

This was in reference to my statement where I said, “ 872 more words


The Martyrs' Synod: The Anabaptists’ Quest for Unity

Yesterday while going through the newsfeed on Facebook, one of my good Facebook friends posted a quote by Sebastian Franck (1499-1543) the Reformed 16th century historiographer. 1,088 more words


A Beautiful Nuance of Anabaptist Thought: Open Theism: Postscript

Since my original post, there has been a damaging development in the Open Theism movement. Since two of my fellow MennoNerds have already addressed the matter, I decided to do the same but within the parameters that I have set for my blog. 1,316 more words


The Problem of Balthasar Hübmaier and My View of Christianity

Out of all the Anabaptists particularly of the Swiss variety, I have issues with Balthasar Hübmaier (1480?-1528). Yet concurrently I am tempted to look into this notorious character. 945 more words