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Reformation, Wealth, and the State

Poverty, slavery, abortion, predestination, free will, distribution of wealth, losing salvation, alcohol, evolution, creation, propitiation, expiation, paying taxes, communism, socialism, liberals, conservatives, libertarians, God bless America, free world, Murica’s the best, gun restriction, army, war, Middle East, Israel, oil, gas prices, Obamacare, nonparticipation, grace, law, KJV, ESV, Mohammad, Gandhi, Buddha, Confucius, nihilism, dispensationalism, gay, homosexual, women pastors, traditional music, contemporary music, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, immersion, sprinkling, infant baptism, God, Church, Jesus. 1,465 more words


The Peace Position During a Time of War

Ted Grimsrud

I grew up the child of a father who fought in World War II and a mother who also served in the U.S. military during that war. 8,071 more words


I Don’t Want to Be a Prophet, I Just Want to Go Home

A friend once described my perception of Christian discipleship as eclectic, and he wasn’t paying me a compliment. He believed that I had drunk from too many different wells, had dabbled in too many different traditions, and the result was a sort of “Rube Goldberg” contraption that made Christian life far more complicated than it needed to be. 838 more words


Anabaptism: Two Kinds of Obedience

A dualistic view of the world permeated Swiss Brethren thought. The things of God and Christ in contrast to those of Satan, spirit versus flesh and light versus dark. 1,475 more words


The Brethren in Christ's greatest strength is also their greatest shortcoming

An excerpt of a paper I wrote about BIC history, based on The Quest for Piety and Obedience by Carlton Wittlinger.

The Brethren in Christ, in their ability to adapt to new discovered perspectives without diluting who their distinction, is their greatest strength. 906 more words


Anabaptism and the deconstruction of Christendom

The Anabaptist understanding of church history is a crucial lens through which to understand church today. In this article prominent Anabaptist blogger Marty Troyer sets out three ways in which Christendom still continues to manifest itself… 212 more words


An Incarcerated Conscience - the Great War and pacifism

It is surely right that we remember the start of the First World War and that we remember all those men and women who gave their lives in the belief that this was the war that would end all wars. 245 more words

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