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My Debt To Anabaptism

Today marks the 490th anniversary of the beginning of a movement, which arose as part of the Protestant Reformation, known as Anabaptism. I grew up as a Baptist, and I knew a little about the historical connection between my tradition and Anabaptism. 1,656 more words


Happy Birthday Anabaptism!

Today is the 490’s birthday of Anabaptism, the radical, biblical, pacifist and restorationist Christian movement that consists of millions of Jesus believers around the globe, including me. 417 more words

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Why You Cannot Be Cessationist and Claim to Restore the Biblical Church at the Same Time

In this video, I present my chapter “Charismatic Anabaptism: Combining Signs and Wonders with Peace and Justice”, which is included in the new anthology… 479 more words

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Ana-whaaat?! A Living Alternative Book Presentation

I’VE WRITTEN A BOOK chapter! The book is called A Living Alternative and it is awesome. Together with 19 other Anabaptists, I write about why ANABAPTISM is amazing! 52 more words

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Part I: Evangelize the Gemeinde?

Recently a book was released that I functioned as one of the general editors and contributed a chapter entitled A Living Alternative: Anabaptist Christianity in a Post-Christendom World… 1,408 more words


Challenging the dominant narrative

It was a magnificent structure. Commissioned by the Senate in 13 BCE, it must have been an awe-inspiring sight on the northern edge of Rome. Though dedicated to the god of peace, Pax, everyone knew that it was built to honour the emperor, Augustus. 228 more words


Bad Santa: It Must Lead to Obedience

On Christmas day (2014) I was engaged in a conversation inspired by the third-century born Nicholas or if you must “Saint Nicholas” who became the Bishop of Myra in Lycia (modern day Turkey). 1,022 more words