Surprise Kuching launch for Swiss environmentalist’s book vilifying Taib


Sarawak PKR deputy chairman See Chee How (centre) with Paul Malone (left) holding his book “The Peaceful People: The Penan and their fight for the forest” and Lukas Straumann with his book “Money Logging: On the Trail of the Asian Timber Mafia” at the joint book launch in Kuching. 527 more words

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Affordable housing: Who’s the real ‘devil’?

Ng Kee Seng

Much has been written about affordable housing issues in Malaysia because having a roof over one’s head is a contentious topic.

The one simple question everyone is asking is: Who is to be blamed for the housing woes of the man in the street? 1,029 more words

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Najib's ratings slide after short-lived rise


Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s approval ratings has dived six percent to 48 percent taking the PM back to June levels.

This was despite enjoying a rise in approval between June to August, independent pollster Merdeka Center said. 638 more words

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Can 'loner' Adenan lead Sarawak to new era?

Joseph Tawie

Sarawak PKR has questioned the ability of Chief Minister Adenan Satem in leading the state into a new era of accountability, transparency, justice, equality and good governance, considering that he does not have the support of his cabinet ministers. 275 more words

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Are you truly men or merely animals?

Theantdaily team

Sexual violence against women, especially during war time, has been often ignored and written off as an unfortunate side effect of war.

The truth, however, is that sexual violence is a weapon of war. 629 more words

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Marvellous or marbleless Malaysians?

Haden Hoo

The proliferation of civil societies do not necessarily constitute social capital that promotes peace and democracy.

With the expansion of democratic space in the Internet, one would think citizens would be more enlightened about social and political issues. 753 more words

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Of burning holy books and sparking chaos


Leave it to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to figure out that burning a holy book is showing it the same respect as Muslims burning Qurans that are old and no longer used. 423 more words

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